but,The phone only rang,Was cut off。Obviously,Lao Wang didn’t want to give Gao Hao any opportunity to explain;This,It also made Gao Hao truly aware of the seriousness of the matter。

“You go back by yourself!”Gao Hao said to the fashionable beauty in the passenger。 Beautiful women usually play coquettishly,This is also a way to grab a man’s heart。But this time,She saw Gao Hao’s face gloomy,Don’t dare to talk too much,Obediently… Read More

“and so,Prepare for compensation,About 80 million,Not right,For your Tong Group,It should be okay too,Sorry for your Tong Group to be such a big name, right?。”Shen Luoluo’s words,Full of sarcasm and disdain,It’s like slap the childlike heart so hard。

———— First62chapter wake up “Achen,You really don’t want me?Between us……”Tongxinyou know,Can’t tell Shen Luoluo,I can only look at Su Jingchen,Turned to bitterness。 “long,some things,I already know the facts,Just didn’t say it,I don’t want you to do anything to the one… Read More

So it’s not very conspicuous。

As for how Mu Guishu shipped so many precious emeralds out of Myanmar,That is also very simple。 The second richest man in China,I don’t even have this ability and relationship,Isn’t it a joke? vertex ———— First862chapter An international director who… Read More

Gu Qiao graduated here。

It’s too far-fetched to say graduation,She debuted as a singer not long after she was freshman,Until later became the first line,Just started preparing for graduation。 I didn’t have a few classes in four years of university。 But got the graduation… Read More

Summer night,After satiated,Old man Kang led Zhang Muyang to make a set of Baduanjin。Correct,Baduanjin。38Years later, when Geng Zi came to the menacing new crown virus epidemic,TCM treatment is effective,Baduanjin has become one of the important means to enhance people’s immunity。

For thousands of years,Baduanjin has entered the house,You can understand this is a set of gymnastics,One trick is very simple,Much easier than most square dances。But Baduanjin is indeed a qigong method,It is a set of physical fitness methods passed down… Read More