I’m so fucking ashamed of this kid,Be like this pustule,Like never seen a beauty,Actually tell the truth,When I first saw Zhong Manxia,Really not much better than him,Only time has passed,I now have the capital to drag,And he seems to be out of play。

———— One zero six、Was followed by a gangster Fang Xianjing said firmly:“it is good,I will definitely cheer you up then!If they dare to play any tricks,I let them go around。” She turned around and said again:“Will Zhong Manxia go to… Read More

“Payne Six Ways,See here。”

The Penn boy group composed of six Penn appeared in front of Jilaiya。 “Payne,The leader of Akatsuki?,And still six people”Jilaiya looked at the six people blocking his way。 “Hey,Jiraiya,Pay attention to their eyes。”I heard the reminder of the old lady… Read More

Going to check the house,He said:“Xiaohui,Go get the cleaning tools,Spotlessly sweeping!”It was actually cleaned just now,I’ll get it。The soldiers who came back after clearing the inspection came,I have no time to check the folding of the bedding again,But I am confident,Then the inspecting soldiers take a closer look,Got it,I have a problem,Unqualified,The surface is invisible and hidden well,Intuition tells me that someone is fixing me,a?I can’t think about it,Because the monitor stipulates that they will be punished for unqualified housekeeping。Then there is a five-kilometer cross-country two hundred push-ups for half an hour,So depressed……

Few times in the first few days,Once a few days,But then every day,Got punished every day。He also asked me to do things before checking the house,I also know he did it,But can’t disobey the order,I will do what he will… Read More