Taking fingers into fisting soldiers! Multi -professional collaborative drill of the Motor Detachment of the Armed Police Guangxi

兵 兵 —— Multi -professional collaborative exercise of the Mobility Detachment of the Armed Police Guangxi Corps ■ Xu Haiyang, a special correspondent of Xu Haiyang, Xu Haiyang, Xu Haiyang.

Deep in the jungle, a multi -professional collaborative drill of the Motor Detachment of the Armed Police Guangxi Corps. At the beginning of the exercise, a special battle team was ordered to assault the "enemy" firepower point.

When the special combat player passed the "enemy" cutting -edge obstacle area, he encountered the "enemy" to release toxic gases. The officers and soldiers quickly wore a preventive suit, and subsequently adopted flexible tactics to close the target to complete the assault tasks.

On the way, the special combat players conducted reconnaissance through the drone, portable recorder and other equipment, and the relevant intelligence returned to the command post in real time. The commander quickly studied the battlefield situation, planned the action plan, and the combat documents were passed on to various combat units.

Since the beginning of this year, the detachment has attached to actual combat and actively organized multi -professional collaborative drills. Faced with the difficult bureau and insurance bureau, professional teams such as special warfare, reconnaissance, and prevention have launched coherent operations, which effectively improves the combat capabilities of the battlefield. "A factory of a factory found the" enemy "love!" After receiving the information from the investigator, the commander immediately adjusted the combat plan.

Soon, the officers and soldiers took multiple attacks on assault vehicles and launched a catcher.

The night fell, and the team members cooperated tacitly to surround the goal in a mountain. With a order, the battle started. Each combat team used burst bullets and firepower to cover it, attacking multiple points, and annihilating the "enemy" in one fell swoop.

Special war teams use climbing assault vehicles to implement assault operations.

On the way, clean up the "stumbling thunder".

Deep in the dense forest, starting the battle and fighting.

Wash and eliminate the "drug -stained area".