620,000 acres of farmland in Hebei Province "drink" to the canal water

Original title: Our province’s 620 acres of farmland "drink" Shangli River Water learned from the Hebei Provincial Department of Water Resources that since the Beijing -Hangzhou Grand Canal on April 28 has achieved the entire line of water flow, as of 8 o’clock on May 30, the water volume of the South Canal in Hebei Province has entered the water volume of the South Canal in Hebei Province. It is 100 million cubic meters.

Hebei Province provides a source of irrigation water from the South canal to a cubic meter of water and the waters of the Wei Yunhe River, and provides a source of irrigation water for Cangzhou and Hengshui 620 acres of farmland. The 24 river canals along the line implemented ecological hydration. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the water flow throughout the line, the Provincial Water Resources Department attaches great importance to it and carefully deployed. The cities and counties along the South canal actively actively promote the improvement of rivers and rivers. Provincial Nan canal Center and Cangzhou Water Resources Bureau actively communicated and coordinated relevant departments, dispatched more than 800 people to carry out river inspections and control, cleaned 66 obstacles in the river, and closed 17 stories to ensure that the river channels were unobstructed. The water flow throughout the Beijing -Hangzhou Grand Canal provides basic guarantees. At present, the overall operation of the river is safe and stable.

The Cangzhou Branch of the Provincial Hydrological Survey and Research Center in accordance with the requirements of the entire water flow running project, three water quality monitoring sections along the water supplementation are set up, and a total of 9 times have been sampled and monitored. The water quality of the canal meets the target requirements. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Water Resources, it is expected that before June 15th, the South Canal of Hebei Province is expected to maintain a water state across the board.

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