"Mining Lights" on the top of the head move forward

Keywords: The first short story "Cotton Sinais", the first novel "In the Deep", and the first novel "Failure", the first novels, all show the life of coal miners, shaped all of them, all of which are shaped.It is the image of coal miners.

Since 1972, for half a century, I have been writing novels I have been familiar with my familiar miner, including the four ministers such as "Red Coal" and "Black and White Men and Women";"There are more than a dozen novels; more than 100 short stories such as" Walking Kiln Han "and" White of soap ", I am afraid that there are more than 3 million words.Some people have statistics that adding up novels of miners’ lives such as Zara, Lawrence, Gorbatov and other foreign writers are not as much as I write it alone.Of course, the number of writing does not represent quality, and more writing does not show well.

However, the quality must exist in the quantity. Without the quantity, the quality cannot be mentioned. Quality changes are often a process of long -term accumulation and gradient. This process is the process of changing from quantity to qualitative change. The amount of quantity does not necessarily cause qualitative changes, but there will be no qualitative change without quantity change.

If a comparison is made, this change process is very similar to the generation and change of coal. The vast forest, the generous vegetation, and the inaccessible dinosaurs were buried underground by the sudden crustal changes. After hundreds of millions of years of corruption, squeezing, sharpening, high temperature, sinking, etc. The raw coal.

The quality of coal is undoubtedly composed of countless time, space, and movement factors.

As long as the coal has not been mined by miners, its quantitative and qualitative change will continue.

It’s just that the changes are slightly slightly and slow, and it is difficult to detect the short -lived human beings.

In these sense, we still have to work hard and strive to write more.

I have written so many coal mine themes because I have 9 years of life experience, and later went to the fixed -point coal mine in different regions to live in -depth life. Contact.

When it comes to superior resource conditions, the words that people usually use are "unique"; for coal mine writers, I think it is "unique." In the sense of physics, the miners work in the deepest part of the earth. The top is hundreds of meters thick, but it is not unique. From the perspective of literature, the miner’s operating environment cannot see the sun and the air can not breathe fresh air. It is humid, dark, depressed, and closed. It is always facing the threat of natural disasters to life. world. Our writing is inseparable from reality, and each author has its own entry point for reality. One of my entry points for reality is the coal mine life. The reality of coal mines is both the reality in my personal mind and the reality of China, and it is a deeper reality. Literature comes from the people, and our works must write the people.

More than 6 million miners and more than 10 million miners in the country are undoubtedly an important part of the people.

They can be called miners, or they can be said to be the people wearing mining lights.

This part of the people is engaged in the most heavy and difficult labor in the world, but supports the country’s energy building.

This part of the people lived at the bottom of society, but they were high, and they were contributing youth and strength to the light and prosperity of the motherland.

Whenever I think of my brothers who are still sweating on the ground day and night, my eyes can’t help but full of tears. How can I not be intimate with them, how can I sing for them! I have said many times that coal mine is also a rich mine in literature. Yes, coal mine life is full of feelings, symbols, metaphors, philosophy, poetry and art, such as decline and rise, darkness and light, stubbornness and burning, cold and warmth, silence and enthusiasm, time and space, sacrifice and dedication, death and death Freshmen and so on.

However, in the same way, the inexhaustible literary rich mine is faced with the inexhaustible and inexhaustible ore, but some authors do not know where it is rich. There is indeed a problem of how to discover and tap literary ore. how to say? Let’s fight for an example.

For example, the under the mine is very dark, and the black iron plate is a piece of iron.

There is just a mines on our heads. There are mineral lighting, there is no direction to have directions, and there is no way to have roads.

When we walked to the Tutou, although it was blocked in front of us was a black -faced, unpopular coal wall, we moved forward, we can still dig out an alleyway. Mine lamps are called miners’ eyes. Speaking of this, friends understand that the discovery and excavation of literary rich ore also requires the shining and leading leadership of the "mine lamp". However, this "mine lamp" is not a material sense, but in the spiritual and spiritual sense. For authors who are interested in writing miners’ life, they must not only collect coal, but also "fire". No matter how much coal you pick up, those coal is likely to be invalid.

Only when it is collected to the coal, it is still picked up to the "fire" and lit the coal with "fire", and the coal will burn, glow and heat, and exert the deserved energy. The meaning of "fire" as "mine lamp" is ideological, abstract, and metaphysical. Based on such a conscious understanding, I have recently completed the novel "Flower Basket" and the short story "Indus Wind".

The former combined with aesthetics and reflection, mainly wrote the harm of the "Cultural Revolution" to ordinary miners.

The latter wrote the sad love of miners with poetic artistic conception. The middle article was given "October", and the short story was given to Beijing Literature, which has been recognized by them. The life of miners is worth writing, and the lives of all walks of life are worth writing.

This is how the life of miners is written, and the life of other practitioners is the same. There is a question of how to know and write.

At the Tenth National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association held in December 2021, the industry system delegation concentrated on petroleum, railway, coal mines, natural resources, electricity, metallurgy, water conservancy, petrochemical, chemical, public security, finance, science popularization and other ten ten 60 outstanding writers in multiple industries. As the head of the industry delegation, I have discussed the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the work report of the Chinese Writing Association with many times with the writers. Write works worthy of the times and the people. (The author is the chairman of the China Coal Mine Association and vice chairman of the Beijing Writers Association).