Heze City actively promotes government procurement supplier commitment system

Heze City actively promotes the source of government procurement suppliers: [] In order to deepen the reform of the government procurement system, continue to optimize the business environment of the Heze Municipal Government, and further reduce the institutional transaction cost of suppliers participating in government procurement activities. The bureau and the Heze Public Resources Trading Center jointly issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the Credit and Credit System of Government Procurement Supplier Qualifications" (He Cai Cai [2022] No. 9) (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The "Notice" stipulates that well -credit suppliers participating in Heze City’s goods, services and engineering projects purchased by non -bidding methods only need to provide satisfaction in the qualification review link in accordance with Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law of the People’s Republic of China". The written formal qualification commitment letter of the corresponding conditions does not need to provide a report that complies with the financial status of the state, the certification materials that pay the tax in accordance with the law, the certification materials that pay the social security deposit in accordance with the law, the proof materials that have the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary for fulfilling the contract, Within three years of participating in government procurement activities, there were no major illegal records in the business activities, not being listed as a dishonesty, an abnormal list of corporate business operations, a list of major tax violations, and a list of paper certification information such as the list of serious illegal trustworthy behaviors. The probability of reducing the abolition of the standard for the supplier’s non -paper qualification certification of the paper has further improved the purchase efficiency. The purchaser or purchasing agency shall strengthen the review after qualification. Within 5 working days after the procurement project review section is over, the transaction supplier shall be submitted to the procurement materials replaced by the procurement commitment letter to the purchaser or the procurement agency for verification within 5 working requirements. After the verification is correct, the purchaser or purchasing agency is issued a transaction notice.

  The "Notice" requires that suppliers are responsible for the authenticity, legality, and effectiveness of the content of the qualification and credit commitment. After investigation and verification, punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Government Procurement Law of the People’s Republic of China.