"May Day" travel prompt release

  The "May Day" holiday is approaching, and the Anqing Public Security Traffic Police released the May 1 "Two Releases and One Tips" in 2022, reminding the majority of traffic participants to reasonably choose travel time, travel routes, and travel methods.

  During the holidays, the Anqing Public Security Traffic Police will set up the Shanghai -Chongqing High -speed Suusong Service Area, Gongling Service Area, He’an High -speed Xiangpu Service Area, Ji Guang High Speed ??Yuexi Toll Station, Wangjiang North Toll Station, and Shanghai Wushan Skongshan Toll Station Settings Six road traffic accidents are fast, and minor car damage accidents that occur "people who are not injured and can move" will be quickly handled by quickly withdrawing compensation.

  In Tongcheng, at the intersection of the highway, the Longteng Road high -speed bridge is being repaired. In front of the 237 Fuxing Village Department of Qingcao Town, the provincial highway, the Bridge was worn under the Bridge of Wuyue High Speed. In Huai Ning, the highway at the Jinong Highway intersection is being repaired. In Qianshan, the main streets of the Huangpu section of the 105 National Highway and the main streets of Yuantan Town are the road sections of the accident. In Wangjiang, Xiangxiang Mountain Scenic Area, Huimin Ethnic Village, Wuchang Lake Wetland Park, and farmhouses in rural areas will surge.

In the territory of Su Song, the construction of the road section of the revitalization of Suusong County, National Highway 105, and some sections of the sections are universal. (Reporter Xu Kan Correspondent Hu Yan).