Guangxi promotes outstanding cultural tourism brands to go global

  "The Voice of Landscape · Gorgeous Covenant" China -ASEAN Youth National Song Club realizes the "cloud -to -song" through the Internet. The Chinese -ASEAN Youth Culture and Art Center "Zhuang March 3" is a traditional festival for the people of all ethnic groups in Guangxi. Now it has become a beautiful business card for Guangxi to show the ethnic culture and the world’s excellent traditional culture to the world.

With the opportunity of "Zhuang March 3" in 2022, the "Zhuang March 3" event was co -sponsored by the United Front Work Department of the Party Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Guangxi Culture and Tourism Department and the Hong Kong Guangxi Association of Hong Kong. It is understood that this is the first time that the "Zhuang March 3" brand has entered my country’s Hong Kong and Macau regions. On April 14, the activity launching ceremony was carried out in Nanning and Hong Kong in the form of video connection.

From April to December, the organizers will host the theme activities such as "Holiday Folk Exhibition", "Citizen’s Interactive Experience", "Gorgeous Guangxi Meijingjin Community and MTR", "Hong Kong Impression · Gorgeous Guangxi" silhouette punch photography competition in Hong Kong and Macau.

The series of activities are carried out online and offline, bringing unique Guangxi culture to Hong Kong and Macao, and allowing Hong Kong and Macao people to understand the national intangible cultural heritage project of "Zhuang March 3", and appreciate Guangxi’s magnificent landscapes and colorful folk customs.

Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that after the epidemic, Hong Kong citizens could walk more in Guangxi to jointly promote the all -round cooperation and exchanges between Guangxi and Hong Kong.

  The Hong Kong Guangxi Association is a folk society established with the support of the Central United Front Work Department and the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It has 160,000 members in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, a number of major activities have been launched.

"We co -sponsored the event with the United Front Work Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Hong Kong Guangxi Association. We hope to give full play to the strength of the enthusiastic people in Hong Kong and the Gui Tongxiang in Hong Kong, enhance cultural exchanges between Guang and Hong Kong, and display the brilliant and colorful villages. The national culture further promotes the cooperation between the two sides in the field of culture and tourism.

"Cheng Daxing, Director of the Exchange Office of the Guangxi Culture and Tourism Department.

  Human exchanges between the country and the country have never interrupted due to the epidemic. Guangxi has also actively transformed work ideas, innovative communication forms and channels, increased online publicity and promotion, and realized the continuous line of international culture and tourism exchanges. Guangxi is the forefront window for Chinese culture to move towards ASEAN countries. For a long time, Guangxi has maintained frequent and close connections with ASEAN, creating a number of event brands such as the China -ASEAN Youth National Song Club, Transnational Spring Festival Gala, and China -ASEAN Drama Week.

During the epidemic, these activities were carried out through the form of "cloud -to -song", "cloud recording", "cloud exhibition performance", and brought a unique audiovisual feast to people at home and abroad.

On May 3rd, the "Voice of Landscape · Gorgeous Covenant" in Nanning -China -ASEAN Youth National Song Club has been held for many consecutive times as a brand event of Guangxi International Folk Song Festival. This year’s song club was carried out in the form of online form, inviting youth art groups in the Beijing Wenli Youth Choir, Longlin New State Choir, and Singapore and other countries to show the style of folk songs across the country and foreign folk songs through the Internet. In order to establish a Guangxi Cultural Tourism brand at home and abroad, the Guangxi Culture and Tourism Department signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center to jointly excavate and build a Guangxi cultural and tourism brand project.

During the Spring Festival this year, through the new media platform of the overseas Chinese cultural center, the short -sized video of Guangxi African material cultural heritage video was launched on Berlin, Vietnam, and other places.

The hot "Gunlong Festival", the "Miao Po Society" of the song and dancing, the grand "Dragon King Travel" … The colorful Guangxi African heritage goes overseas and share the joy of the Chinese New Year with the people of all countries. At the same time, Guangxi has promoted local cultural tourism resources overseas and spread Chinese culture overseas. It has played an excellent publicity effect. The Guangxi Culture and Tourism Department actively created overseas self -media propaganda matrix, and set up "Discoverguangxi (Discovery Guangxi)" and "Splendorsofguangxi" accounts on multiple overseas social media platforms to tell the world to the world. On April 22, "Discoverguangxi" pushed the promotional graphics of the beautiful scenery of Guangxi Tongling Waterfall. The tweet was reposted by Chinese diplomats such as Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Zhang Heqing, Cao Yi, Zhang Meifang and other Chinese diplomats. Foreign netizens praised them and left a message saying that they thought of Guangxi, China. According to statistics released by the Culture and Tourism Department, in February of this year alone, "Discoverguangxi" had more than 400 information released on the four overseas social media platforms, with a total number of people covered more than 900,000.

"Splendorsofguangxi" also actively promoted Guangxi Cultural and Tourism destinations, Guangxi Major Festival activities, national culture and tourism brands. (Our newspaper reporter Guo Kaiqian).