Ye also soldiers, "red flag" never faded

Sea breeze, red flag hunting. Located in Hai’an’s Corner Red Flag Corps History Exhibition Hall, started in 1969, reconstructed in August 1991, covers an area of ??11 acres, and 676 square meters in 6 exhibitions. A boulder embossed in the exhibition hall is particularly eye-catching. It is vividly painted. This militia team has participated in three major transformations, accepts naming, and adapts to the four phases of information construction before 1941.

A township militia group, what is the only "Red Flag Corps" in the country to win? In 1940, the New Four Army Tourism Team came to the corner, to the local poor people to promote the party’s instructions on the establishment of anti-Japanese base, organize the people’s self-defense army. In March 1941, the corner anti-Japanese self-defense team formed, and the people have joined, and the militia has formed a militia team in that year.

From 1941 to 1943, this trained militia team participated in the battle hundreds of times, of which the most famous needs "waist stove fight".

The exhibition hall showed the soil weapon used in the year, and the silent tells the militia groups to settle down in the waistite port. On the occasion of the Battle of Fujiang, the corner of the militia quickly organized more than 500 people’s long-standing ministries and universities, with the 29th army of the three gods, the 20th military, and took the river. After more than 9 months, thousands of miles, the migration team emerged, a group of "East China Pre-Model" – Fu Yongzhi, Guo Wenxiu, Cui Boqin, Wang Yuxu … their deeds are loaded into the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Hero Model Recent.

After the founding of New China, the anti-American assistance, three major transformations … Where is the need, where there is a corner of militia. In 1958, the corner of the Ministry of Commons announced its establishment on the Water Conservancy site of the old dam. In March 1966 and 1966, the corner of the Corner of the People’s Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Military Region, the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, Nanjing Military Region Named "Red Flag Corps".

After the reform and opening up, the corner of the millennium bravely "economic development and drain soldiers", bravely "emergency landing force", bravely "civilized creation practitioners", came out of the new era of the new era of the new era.

In recent years, the corner of the Corner of the Corner Mission has been scientifically positioned along the coast, and the sea defense soldiers are fully. The militia is also soldiers, and there are many local maritime homework fishing boats to become a moving post. The corner "Red Flag Corps" sea defense militia participated in the sea emergency rescue more than 30 times, providing a valuable military intelligence clue for the superior. More than 20.

The militia is also the people in market demand, and today, local residents have gone out of a leapfrog development. The original Corner Town is renamed as the Binhai New Area, and became a "icy township" "The Township of Pufferfish".

Su Yu, Xu Shiyou, Zhang Aiping, Chen Yu Shi … Many older generation revolutionaries leaving footprints in the corner, inspiring generations, one-generation corner, the millennium went to success, followed.

Today, the angular Hongqi militia group will still organize a week of militia training in April, 9th, 19th, 29th, and 29th. (Our reporter Yan Lei).