The preparatory work in Tianjin is affirmed

Original title: The preparatory work in Tianjin is affirmed (Figure) The 2023 Asian Cup is less than two years, and the preparatory work in Tianjin Division is also in full swing. The Siapadian representative Dai Shengying took the training venue and some hotels in the city, and some hotels in the city were examined, and the improvement and transformation progress of the Binhai football field was found.

  The Tianjin Organizing Committee work has gained a sentence in his speech. This is the first test of the Asian Cup for 2023. Headquarters attaches great importance to this examination, because the construction of stadium construction and training is a game. Base.

  After the two days of investigation work, the meeting room of the Binhai Football Field held the preparation of the Tianjin Sai District Organizing Committee, all of which reported the progress of the work. The Asian Cup China Organizing Committee also participated in this report through video conference, and gave highly evaluated the preparations for the Organizing Committee of Tianjin, and some constructive opinions were also proposed. Dai Shengying said at the meeting that Siapan hoped that the Asian Cup was committed to achieving a new height on the 2019 Asian Cup, but also set a new model for 2027 Asian Cup. At present, Siapaya hopes to communicate closely and efficiently with the Chinese Organizing Committee, and find problems on the basis of the construction of the game facilities, solve problems. Binhai Soccer Field will be delivered in the Asian Cup preparation and competition next November, and the TEDA football field will be renamed the Binhai Football Field. After the design plan and drawings of the course were adopted in the Siade Association, the project was started in June this year, and the construction scheme was promoted in accordance with the construction nodes in accordance with all stages of the report. I can find that the waste equipment facilities such as the racket seats have been removed, and all demolition work is completed in recent days.

The grassland grassroots level is completed, and the outdoor curtain walls and various civil engineering modifications and the repair of steel structures have begun.

From the scene, heavy equipment such as large cranes appeared on the site, and all kinds of personnel have an unstoppable development. From the overall schedule of the Binhai Football Field, the demolition work and steel structure, outer or roof maintenance projects are completed in the second half of this year.

In 2022, it was planned to complete indoor fine decoration, outdoor engineering, turf and seat construction and electromechanical installation and commissioning. The improvement of this coastal football field is mainly to start with three aspects of the Asian Cup in the 2023 Asian Cup. First, the adjustment of the layout of the building function is mainly concentrated in the first floor. Second, according to the Asian Cup of competitions require comprehensive improvement of equipment facilities, including site lighting and stadium turf. The third is to re-adjust the outdoor people, vehicle streamline, and optimize outdoor functional districts.

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