To see the blank zone behind "Signboard Drop"

An Xing is lacking safety certification, which has become a "timed bomb" that is hanging on the top of the head; the store is only sticking with glue, "Flying in the disaster" is coming from time to time; outdoor advertising signature long is in an ignorant state, "zombie signage" hidden danger …… In recent years, some cities outdoor advertising signage safety accidents have frequent, and the advertising signage set chaos has become a public safety of urban public safety.

(Talk on November 17th) From the Shanghai Nanjing East Road Store outdoor sign, there is a "big accident" of 3 hurts, and then countless, small to Chongqing last year. A billboard in Huilong Avenue, Yongchuan District suddenly collapsed, causing three "small scenes" injured by pedestrians passing by the three passes. In recent years, the news reports that have led to the outdoor billboards have been uncommon, but no matter the size of the accident, outdoor billboard Frequently "recruiting", has become an indisputable fact, from the side, the settings of the billboard have also become the "Shen Yu" of urban public safety.

Then, "Four Fangfang’s card" why is it always "out of its unfortunately" and why this "timed bomb" hanging in the top of the people has "self-explosion" so many times, but there is still no one "fire" unmanned What is ignorant, currently full of outdoor billboards and store signs in our lives, although there is a difference in setting mode, approval, management, etc., but it may cause security hazards due to improper settings, and people are awkward. It is such a "Damocles’s Sword" in the daily travel life of the people, but has long been "regulating vacuum" "security blank". It is reported that the current outdoor billboard is currently not relying on "compulsory" and relying on "consciousness", and the operating subjects are in the statement of the business and urban management department, the safety supervision department is in the state of "Outside" and does not participate. "Access The gateway "is not strict, and it is inevitably for the future" explosive "to reserve great security hazards; secondly, when the business operator is in progress, it is only necessary to report paper materials, and the entire approval process is in one" look beautiful. " "The situation, and the key action" Field Survey "is a lack of" Loose "audit form and standard, basically equivalent to" no standard "; finally, more surprising Yes, not only the initial registration record is completely "voluntary consciousness", even if there is still a hard mandatory regulation, even the regular security check is so "see the weather". ", How can it be buried in the" disaster "safety supervision, paper approval, no mandatory, insufficient supervision, insufficient supervision, recovery vulnerability … Detonation of outdoor billboards This "Timers Bomb" of this "Timed Bomb". Then, to fundamentally curb the elimination of potential hidden dangers, eradication of "Chen Yexia", "Chen Years" in the scope of public security, "prevention before prevention" is always a "good medicine". First of all, the relevant departments should change the approval method that has already been "long-lost", and to update the review registration method of "one trial of the lifelong", in order to effectively block the safety vulnerability, the "Timing Rebond" system needs to strengthen the implementation From the original "self-selected action" into "specified action", and must be completed; in addition, while further improving the relevant laws and regulations, strengthening multi-department approval supervision linkage, let the safety supervision department of the "oil" participate To the approval, the process of listing is always, and assumes the corresponding re-examination review responsibility; in the end, we must actively explore the promotion of intelligent dynamic supervision, strengthen the information sharing between various departments, and unload the grassroots unit safety hazard report channel, timely investigate the risk After all, the "blank zone" behind the billboard will not always be filled with the cost of the people.