Tongbai County: Digging the new hopes

"It turned out that this is a 5-year-old tea garden, with an area of ??about 50 acres. In order to explore the new model of tea planting, the 250,000 yuan of food period worth more than 100,000 yuan is dug." Tongbai County Xinyi Agricultural Co., Ltd. Huang Yuzhen told the author.

Seeing the author’s face, Huang Yiwu opened the "words": "Digging out this abundant tea garden, one is to introduce high quality tea varieties, the second is to try to carry out tea sets, improve the beneficial element content in tea, so that the tea is infiltrating tea The tea contains the fragrance, more beneficial to improve the body’s immunity and enhance health.

At the same time, after the ‘recuperating, the tea garden, the land is more fully.

In one month, this white man will plant yellow rose variety tea. It is a variety of tea trees in the south. Its tea feature is a periktic alcohol, and the tea polyphenol content is high, and the bubble is more suitable for the masses.

"Huang Yuxi said. According to the industry, Huang Rose variety is the first time" Into the "Tongbai Mountain Huaihe Source," Southern Tea Tree "moving" north, is suitable for planting in Tung Bai, there is a certain risk.

"In danger, risk is often accompanied by success, only constantly exploring, can continue to optimize Tongbai tea breed structure, and drag a new road for the development of Tongbai’s old tea industry.

"Huang Yizhen said.

The 32-year-old Huang Yi, is a "black horse" out of the "killing" tea world in Tongbai County. As a "tea second generation", he has obtained 9 tea technology patents, and it applies for 2 tea standards. Winning award in the 2020 Handmade Tea Competition, was awarded the title of "Henan Province Technical Expert", and represents Henan The province participated in the national skill competition, and academician Liu Zhonghua, academician Liu Zhonghua, was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Player".

(Tongbai County Committee Propaganda Department Du Fujian) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi).