Signs of TCM enterprises officially listed in Hong Kong

Gu Jingtang Remote Link Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced that it was officially listed in the Hong Kong motherboard. The organizer is awarded by the People’s Network.

At the meeting, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which announced the Hong Kong Motherboard, and the stock code was officially listed.

  Founded in 2010, Gu Jing Tang established 42 medical institutions with nearly 20,000 Chinese medicine practitioners. Based on the online medical health platform and the offline medical institution, Gu Jing Tang broke traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment model in time and space restrictions, service covers 56 cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

  At the meeting, the founder and chairman of Gu Jingtang said that Guji Tang exceeded overseas, will not forget the foundation and initial heart.

He said: "Gu Jing Tang successfully listed in Hong Kong, just the first step in the capital level to the world in the capital level. In the future, the company will effectively use the power of the international capital market, further promote the spread of Chinese medicine in the world, promote Chinese medicine Going to the world, earnestly putting the precious wealth of Chinese medicine to our precious wealth, good development, good use. "On the same day, Gu Jing Tang also announced the establishment of the China Red Cross Foundation Gu Jing Tang TCM Huimin special fund for use in Carry out medical health services such as grassroots residents, corporate employees, and adolescents, training, traditional Chinese medicine technologies, and support work support with community health service centers and rural health service centers. At the same time, Gucheng Hall also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu Health, Industrial and Commercial Bank Guangzhou Branch, and Minsheng Bank, committed to providing more quality and more convenient Chinese medicine services for more ordinary people.

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