Zhongshan: 430 million "Gui Hui" is a village to revitalize the village

Zhongshan Rural Credit Cooperatives Party Member Cadre to Qingtang Town Fruit Planting Base Promoting Gui Hui Lancing Policy.

Liao Chaowen’s photo "has a $ 3.5 million of ‘Gui loan’, our company’s four automatic mineral water production lines have been normalized production, and it also ensures normal issuance of employee wages. This year, the company expects more than 2 million yuan." 11 On the 17th, the investment business of Liquan, Longjing Village, Zhongshan Town, Zhongshan County, Hezhou City.

In order to alleviate key enterprises, small micro enterprises, farmers’ cultivation, etc. The company’s financing cost is 8.6 million yuan, providing a strong financial support for enterprise development, and injected new vitality into the village. Xinlong Village, Qingtang Town, Huajiazhai, a farmer, Liangjia, has obtained 300,000 yuan of "Guihui loan". He established the Zhongshan County Hongtu Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. planted gold autumn sugar orange, oriental red, red beauty and other quality The fruit is 400 mu, which is expected to be 30-400,000 kilograms this year.

At the same time, more than 20,000 ducks are farmed, and the total output value is expected to be 20-3 million yuan. More than 200 people in the surrounding villages arrived in the base workers, and issued 50-600,000 yuan per year. In the Qingtang Town Green Source Snorkeling Farm, Zhang Guanghu, who has also obtained "Guili loan", and the development model of "ostrich farming + ostrich food" farming and specialty catering, more than 20 million yuan, more than 20 The local people have achieved income through rental land, to the farm or catering service to achieve income, and radiation has driven more than 300 inside and outside the inner and outer and foreign people to develop the ostrich farming industry.

At present, Qingtang Town has formed "company + cooperative + farmers" village collective economic ostrich industry chain, which has broadening the village collective economy and farmers’ income.

"I am engaged in Glass processing in Zhongshan, customizing the high-end door and window industries for 11 years, last year, due to the difficulties of buying stores, this year ‘Gui Hui’ s solves my urgent needs.

There are more than 40 employees in my business, and the employee wages have been issued more than 3 million yuan in recent years.

Yang Xixing, head of a small and micro enterprise in Zhongshan County, said.

"I am doing technical workers in a bus in Zhongshan, with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan.

"Coral Town Xinmin Village Committee Baifu Natural Village returned to the peasant workers. (Liao Chaoyang, Liang Jiao Yan) (Editor: Liu Jia, Ye Bin) Share more people to see.