Strong cold air is coming next Tuesday, Hangzhou minimum temperature dropped to 3 ° C

  Original title: The strongest level of cold air this autumn is coming to the lowest temperature in Hangzhou next Tuesday, the lowest temperature dropped to 3 ° C, the autumn rain, "cold winter" is getting closer.

Although the temperature changes in Hangzhou in the two days are still not obvious, the national cold wave is beginning to continue, and the continuing rainfall is coming. Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to release the yellow warning of the cold wave. my country ushered in the strongest cold air after the autumn this year, and the 90% of the land will be affected.

At present, strong cold air has been starting from Siberia, affecting my country’s northwest, and sweeping most of my country from northwestern southeast. It is expected that tomorrow, strong cold air begins to affect Hangzhou. At that time, the city has a substantial temperature rise, the northern wind and the rainfall weather process.

  According to the city’s meteorological staff, this cold air has six characteristics: wide influence, strong power, high wind, fast moving speed, severe cooling, low temperature duration. "It is expected that the cold air arrives in Hangzhou at around 14:00, the average temperature of the average temperature can reach 9 ° C -11 ° C, which reaches strong cold air or cold tide level, and there is such a strong cold air in early November.

"Affected by this, Hangzhou is expected to be sunny to cloudy weather. 8th is very large, the largest part of the Beiwei Plain area 7-9, mountain and lake 8-10, the temperature continues to decline; 9 Morning, Hangzhou minimum temperature plain area 3 ° C -5 ° C, mountain area 0 ° C-3 ° C has frost or thin ice, high mountain area -4 ° C -0 ° C, frozen; 10th – 11th, Hangzhou main city, the lowest temperature is still only 6 ° C. The temperature drop is dramatic. Is there any possible winter in Hangzhou? Will usher in the snow? "It is expected that there will be a rain in the mountainous area of ??Hangzhou. "The city meteorological station said, although the cold air is fierce, the temperature is faster, but the warm and humid airflow is not good, so the water vapor conditions do not reach the snowfall standard, and the weather that truly enters the autumn high in the autumn on the 10th. At present, Hangzhou is still not Will enter the winter.

(Reporter Yang Yiwei) Responsible Editor: Zhang Ling.