Southwestern State held fire protection publicity month launching ceremony and high-rise buildings fire extinguishing rescue

Recently, the "Storm No. 1" of the 119 Fire Propaganda Moon Series Activities, hosted by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, and the "Storm No. 1" "Storm No. 1" high-rise building fire rescue comprehensive practical drills were held in the Xingyi City Orange Lake Community. Due to the current new crown epidemic, this activity is carried out in the form of video live.

The live moderator first explained some of the "Regulations on the Fire Safety Management of High-Level Civil Buildings", introduced some fire safety knowledge such as high-rise building fires, early fire extinguishing and escape evacuation. This drill simulation: fires occurred on the 16th floor of the orange lake community in Xingyi City. Due to the large number of flammable materials in the building, the fire quickly spread to 17, 18 layers, and there were people in the building, and the situation was very urgent. After receiving the alarm, the detachment command center quickly launched the high-rise building fire prevention plan, the first time to spread 6 fire stations in Xingyi, Anlong, High-tech Zone, 1 fast anti-femoral, 4 high-level fire fighting units, 1 water supply guarantee Unit, 1 battle guarantee unit, more than 80 people 20 fire engines travel to the site for disposal, and the detachment of the Detachment Office will dispatched.

The general command announced the drill, and all the guidelines were waiting for the preparation of fire extinguishing. The drill sets two-dimensional development of drone three-dimensional modeling, drone reconnaissance, and guided evacuation, internal attack saving fire, rope rescue, depends on attack fire, helicopter airborne rescue, remote water supply system and other 15 combat sections.

During the drill, all the participants in the battle task, scientifically rescue, collaborate, effectively achieve the organic combination of people and equipment, effectively verify the rapid response, grading command, and cooperate with the team.

After the drill, all the participants referred to the war to enter the team’s oath, and all the warrs raised their right hand, clenched the fists, solemnly swearing, each vow expressed the unlimited loyalty of the party and the people. Dedicated to the confidence and determination to struggle for the fire protection industry, in the team’s purification and baptism, with a more full enthusiasm of the rescue work. (Yang Qihuang) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.