Zhangjiakou, Hebei: "Green" leads green development

Original title: "Green Energy" leads green development "green energy" to lead the green development – Zhangjiakou Renewable Energy Demonstration Zone explores Jinqiu, Beijing Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou, Yunding Place Group, workers are carrying out the foundation of windproof facilities. All the construction and the electricity of life here use green electricity, which is converted from the renewable energy of Zhangjiakou.

In July 2015, Zhangjiakou City approved the establishment of a national renewable energy demonstration zone. For more than 6 years, the construction of Zhangjiakou renewable energy demonstration zone has achieved since there is no change, from the big to strong transformation.

As of June 2021, Zhangjiakou City renewable energy installed scale reached 21.58 million kilowatts, became the first largest city of non-water renewable energy in the country, and won 13 "first" and construction results in China and foreign countries. White Paper "New Era China’s Energy Development" white paper. "The scenery" Unlimited "green electricity" flour "hometown, the ocean of light."

Zhang Jiakou is located in the northwest of our province, one of the most abundant regions of my country’s North China and solar resources. In October, Zhangjiakou Bashang grassland, autumn wind, white clouds, tall windmills, star, wind wheel blade slowly rotated. The general wind speed exceeds 3 meters per second, and these wind turbines can convert wind energy into electrical energy. As of August 202, Zhangjiakou City renewable energy installed scale reached 21.58 million kilowatts. Among them, the wind power proportion is the largest, ranking first in the country, and the photovoltaic machine is compared to the second.

Renewable energy consumption accounts for 30% of total terminal energy consumption. More than 6 years ago, the State Council approved Zhangjiakou Renewable Energy Demonstration Zone. Zhang Jiakou has become the only national renewable energy demonstration zone, also shoulder the major mission of the national promotion of energy revolution and renewable energy industry innovation.

Today, clean energy from Zhangjiakou, not only benefit the local people, and transported to Beijing and Xiongan New District, lightning the capital of the capital and the future of the future. Due to the randomness, volatility characteristics of renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy, make new energy large-scale grids into world problems. How is Zhangjiakou’s green electricity to transport to Beijing and Xiongan New District? The solution is resolved, relying on major engineering construction and institutional innovation.

In June 2020, Zhangbei Function DC Power Grid Test Demonstration Project was officially put into transport.

The project created 12 worlds, providing Chinese programs that crack new energy-scale development and utilization world-class issues.

The project transmission line has a total of 14 billion yuan "green electricity", which can be transported to Beijing "green electricity", which is equivalent to one-tenth of Beijing annual electricity, 12.8 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Relying on Zhangbei Flexible DC Power Grid Test Demonstration Project and Beijing Winter Olympics cross-regional green electric transaction mechanism, Zhangjiakou "green electricity" source continues to transport to Dong’ao Prefecture in Beijing and Zhangjiakou District, the first time in the history of the Olympics, 100% Green electricity. In August of the same year, Zhangbei-Xiongan 1000 kV high pressure exchange transmission and transformation project was officially put into operation, and the clean energy of more than 7 billion kilowatts per year was sent from Zhangjiakou to Xiong’an New District. This engineering service is not just the Xiongan New District. According to the person in charge of China Net, North Power, Zhangbei-Xiongan high-pressure project is a major breakthrough in the field of intelligent transmission channels in Changkou City. With the special high voltage grid, Zhangjiakou City can transport cleaning energy to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Huazhong Load Center, including the Xiongan New District. One by one, the miracle, once a second time, more than 6 years, Zhangjiakou Renewable Energy Demonstration Zone has launched a large number of exploration, leading, demonstration work, solid promoting "three innovations, four major projects, five functional districts" Construction, providing many experience in promoting replication for domestic renewable energy development applications. Green electricity market transaction creates a first-leader-Zhangjiakou City innovation established the "Government + Power Grid + Power Generation Enterprise + User Side" four-party collaborative mechanism, which has been reported by the Office of the State Council. Since the launch of renewable energy supply market, it has been launched in October 2017. Accumulated transactions 37 times, transaction electricity billion kWh. Business model exploration helps the poverty poverty – Zhangjiakou City cooperates with the National Grid Energy Saving Company to set up a multi-field cooperation such as Cattongneng New Energy Development Company to carry out multi-fields such as photovoltaic poverty. The city has built Wanqiao Wattva, ranking first in the country, driving a stable and poverty of thousands of poor people. Diversified application full flowering – the city’s clean heating project accelerated construction, complete the electric heating area of ??14.57 million square meters. Renewable energy high-end equipment manufacturing gathering area has a depth development, 23 companies settled, and the main income exceeded 7.5 billion yuan.

The big data industry is booming, relying on the green power supply, the city’s signing of the big data projects, put into operation of Zhangbei Yunlian, Ali Temple, Huailai Qinhuai and other data, each year, can take about 34 billion kilowatts of green electricity every year.

"Hydrogen" dances from zero carbon emissions "hydrogen can drive the future". In the main city of Zhangjiakou City, a hydrogen fuel bus shuttle, the propaganda language of hydrogen energy on the body is eye-catching.

Bus driver Li Baosheng has more than 30 years of driving age, driving diesel car, gasoline and electric vehicle, and now starts a hydrogen fuel bus.

Li Baosheng said: "Even if there is more than 20 degrees of degrees Celsius, this kind of car is also very easy." "Eat" is hydrogen, "row" is the advantage of water and hydrogen fuel bus. It is no pollution. Up to now, Zhangjiakou City has been shipped by 304 hydrogen-fuel bus. In the province, he took the lead in the era of hydrogen energy bus in the province, and also became one of the leading markets in the operating number of hydrogen fuel bus.

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou will be put into operation of more than 500 hydrogen fuel bus.

As the only renewable energy demonstration area of ??the country, Zhangjiakou City has accelerated the promotion of hydrogen energy and renewable energy industry collaborative innovation and innovation and demonstration application of hydrogen energy industry. Renewable energy has become a unique advantage that Zhangjiakou has developed hydrogen energy industry.

According to the person in charge of Zhangjiakou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, there is currently three sources of hydrogen from coal-hydrogen production, industrial by-production hydrogen and renewable energy.

Among them, the renewable energy hydrogen is the only zero-carbon green hydrogen production method, and it is also the key support direction of national industrial policies. Grab the opportunity, Zhangjiakou City formulates the "1 + N" policy system to establish the development of the hydrogen energy industry, introduced "Hydro-Canada Zhangjiakou Construction Plan (2019-2035)" "Zhangjiakou City supports the development of hydrogen energy industry development" "" hydrogen " Industrial Safety Supervision and Administration Measures, etc., and actively strive for national and provincial policy support. Zhangjiakou City not only promotes hydrogen fuel in the bus sector, but also accelerates the development of the whole chain of the hydrogen energy industry and seizes the industrial development system.

On August 17th, the first commercially operated fixed hydrogenation station in our province-Zhangjiakou City Wulies 3rd Road Hydrogensta was put into operation, which can meet the fuel supply of 150 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Weisan Road Hydrogen Station by Zhangjiakou Turban, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Yidong Power Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture.

"Zhangjiakou hydrogen energy industry has developed rapidly, completely exceeds us.

Wang Xun, deputy general manager of Yuanhua, said that as one of the first companies participating in Zhangjiakou hydrogen energy industry, Yahaobutong witnessed the pace of the Hypertonte hydrogen energy industry, and also rapidly growing with Zhangjiakou hydrogen energy industry.

At present, billiona Tong Phase I, the first semi-automated hydrogen fuel cell engine batch production line has been put into production in the second phase of the second phase, and it is expected to build production at the end of this year.

Recently, Zhangjiakou Hainer New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved technical breakthroughs in the field of hydrogen production. The company was tested in the process of hydrogen production into a liquid industrial oxygen recovery, carbon emissions, and harvested by-products "green oxygen".

The hydrogen energy industry has gradually become a new business card for the green development of Zhangjiakou City.

In terms of fuel cell production, billion Huatong second phase project, hydrogen energy technology annual output 4000 sets of wind-free hydrogen fuel cell stack production line projects are expected to build production at the end of the year.

After the project is completed, Zhangjiakou is expected to become the largest hydrogen fuel cell production base in the country. Hydrogen energy equipment and vehicle manufacturing, China’s first wind power hydrogen industry application project – Wuyuan wind power system comprehensive utilization demonstration project, Beiqi Futian Ouchao Hydrogenal bus production project and other projects have been built, China The ship’s 718 is brought about by the production line and other projects such as manufacturing line.

"Hydrogen" dances, and the future is in the future. At present, Zhangjiakou City is around the creation of a national hydrogen energy industry demonstration city, accelerating key projects such as hydrogen energy industry innovation centers and oil energy bases in the dam, and build domestic leading and internationally renowned hydrogen energy cities.

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