You are wearing a white troister, I protect you.

"I can finally take a break." On the night, Wuhan Zhongnan Hospital ICU nurse, I touched Cao Cao, who took her off work, travel Wuhan "emergency prevention and control guarantee team" captain Zhou Jun.

For more than a month, Wan medical staff took a good collection of Hubei; 22 institutions also launched new crown vaccines to develop; 80-year-old seniors and young people after 90, walking into the battlefield … If there is war, call must return, war must Win. In this "epidemic", white is a shirt.

They are the medium-sized column on the fire line, and it is also the world’s hero. Thank you – Every white soldier guards us.

Geely believes that the best pay tribute to your, it is the best action, and transforms concern into practical actions. After the epidemic, the Geely Holding Group Joint Li Shufu Public Welfare Foundation established a special fund, emergency purchase of medical materials and equipment, and helped Hubei, while supporting vaccine. Up to now, donation has reached the resolution area. A few days ago, Geely launched a number of medical staff and family affection, escorted to the health care staff and family members of the first line. In this hassle, Gilli is willing to stand with the medical staff and want to be together, become a strong backing of the white soldiers. I hope that you will return safely! .