Wang Zhonglin met with Pakistan in China Most Hac

On the afternoon of November 2nd, Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, met with Pakistan in Wuhan, Morm Hac, and jointly signed Hubei Province and Pakistan to establish a friendly provincial relationship agreement. The Chief Secretary of Shunde Murad Ali Shaa, the Chinese Consul Li, the speech of Li Bijian. Vice Governor Zhao Hai Mountain, Wuhan Mayor’s Telecommunications Participation.

Wang Zhonglin visited Hubei again in the year in the year, and he participated in the 70th anniversary of China and Baiba, which was warmly welcomed.

He said that Chairman Xi Jinping stressed that China and Pakistan are a 24-weather strategic partner.

Zhongba friendship has a long history. In 70 years, the people of the two countries have always been suffering from common and sincere.

Last year, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemics was in person with the Chairman Xi Jinping personally commanded, and under all support, we have achieved Wuhan Defense War, the decisive results of Wuhan defending, the economy after epidemic Rapid resuscitation, fully highlighting the political advantages of the Chinese Communist Party and the huge advantages of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics.

At the difficult moment of fighting the epidemic, Pakistan’s first time to extend a helping hand in Hubei. After the epidemic is controlled, Hubei also provides medical power and epidemic prevention materials to Pakistan, and interprets the iron friendship with practical actions. Hubei Province has many similarities between geographical area, population scale, economic development, science and education resources, and Hong Kong Airlines transportation, and the parties are closely related.

The two provinces concluded friendly provincial relations, both of which provided a rare opportunity for the deepening cooperation between the two provinces, but also added a strong color to Zhongba Friendship. We are willing to take this opportunity to further strengthen both parties exchange cooperation in the fields of economic and trade, infrastructure, science and education, and culture, inheriting a greater contribution to the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan, and make greater contributions to building a new era more closely fate.

Moact Huck said respect to the Hubei people of the Hero, thanking Hubei, Hubei, strong support from Pakistan to fight the epidemic.

He said that Bazhong relations are far from a long history, and friendship is as strong as rock. In 190 years, the two sides have always homoked each other, and the trouble and total, jointly respond to risk challenges, and the all-weather strategic partnership between Bazhong has become a "crimping stone" of regional peace, stability and development. .

Sinde Province has concluded friendly provincial relations with Hubei Province, and will further deepen the hardship between the two countries. I hope that the two provinces have strengthened cooperation in the fields of economic and trade investment, scientific and technological education, humanistic exchanges, and fully promote the landing of the agreement, transformed into more pragmatic results, and continued to write a new chapter in Bazhong Friendship. On the morning of the 2nd, Moact Huck and Zhao Hai Mountain were unveiled in China – Pakistan Friendship Square in Wuhan Hankou. (Yang Nianming) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.