Tianjin Xiqing District Procuratorate held with conditions and not prosecuted and promoted the education meeting

Original title: Prosecutor’s social workers teamed up with the help of "The help is just a means, your future road is still very long, study the law, fear the law, can get more stable and better."

"Not long ago, there was no prosecution in the Tianjin Xiqing District Procuratorate, and the prosecutor and the social workers were said to the migrants of the people.

Prosecutors and social workers will help these lost teenagers, and will provide a strong guarantee for them to return to society and return to campus.

On the day of the "Procuratorate + Social Worker" The prosecutor details the concept, applicable conditions, important significance of the attachment, and the conditions for reading the conditions, declares that the provisions of the regulations should comply with the provisions of the legal responsibility of the regulations, and warn them in the future. It is necessary to obey the law in life and strive to pass the test period. This attachment does not prosecute the gang to teach 7 suspected criminal suspects suspected of gathering people, theft.

The trial organs, the teenagers and the unnamed suspects signed the provision of conditions and not to sue the supervision and investigation agreement, and will integrate social forces, and provide help with the continued growth of these underage suspects. Social workers and prosecutors also jointly publicized the rule of law of the rule of law in the case, and distributed legal publicity products to them, guiding these minors involved in the case, truly a person who benefited family and society. Introduction to the imprisonment prosecutors of the Xiqing District Procuratorate, how to better facilitate the elimination of minors from the community and schools, do not let them do "no things" It is a key to the "discrimination" is not inspected. Procuratorates and social workers cooperate with social workers to gratifying minors, allowing help to be more comprehensive, more deeper, better.

The minors involved in the prosecutor and the joint help of the prosecutor and social workers, they can improve the guilty of public welfare education, and can also improve the crime Minor rule of law concept.

During their investigation, the prosecutor will regularly go to the school, residential community, and served community involved in the case. All-round understand the supervision and investigation effect, and provide an important basis for making no prosecution decision.

Helping the future life road to truly save these "lost teenagers", the conditions are not sued, and the prosecutor will work hard with the social workers, "tighten" full ", let their growth really returned to the right way. The reporter learned that the construction of minors in procuratorial work social support system is the specific embodiment of the innovative social governance of the procuratorate. Through the joint adolescent affairs social workers to jointly conduct attachments, the social survey, the statutory agent is present, psychological evaluation, the rule of law Education, community correction, etc., can effectively improve the effectiveness of judicial protection work in minors, and further improve the social service security mechanism of minors, help the minors involved in the case and improve the self, and strive to create a good growth environment of minors. This helps them take the future of life.

(Reporter Wang Jiyan correspondent Qi Meng) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.