The city received 21,3 million visitors in the first three quarters

  On November 18, the reporter learned from the Thirty-two Standing Committee of the CPPCC. The city receives tourists from 100 million people in the first three quarters, and the tourism income billion. The rang "Millennium Ancient Capital · Chang’an" brand Wenxin Industrial Comprehensive Strength further enhances the issue of the three-two constitudies conferences for the 14th National Standing Committee "Deepening the Reform of Cultural Tourism Supply Side Reform, Promoting Delinating Development of Deli Delivery."

It is reported that the city’s tourism industry continues to deepen the reform of cultural tourism supply, with cultural and creative, scientific and technological innovation and promoting the kinetic energy development kinetic energy, and strives to improve the core competitiveness of cultural tourism industry, and strive to create a world-class tourist destination inheriting Chinese culture. The comprehensive strength of Xi’an cultural tourism industry is further enhanced. The first batch of national cultural and tourism consumption pilot cities, China’s urban cultural creative index top ten, Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. was selected as "30 national cultural enterprises". In the first three quarters, the city’s 717 cultural enterprises realized business income billions, year-on-year increased; reception tourists, the year-on-year growth rate; tourism total income billion yuan, year-on-year growth%. The influence of Xi’an City Cultural Brand is further expanded.

Running the "Millennium Ancient", Chang’an Changan "brand, urban cultural creative index, night tour popularity index, tourism heat continuously maintains the top ten in the country, won the 2020 Boao International Tourism Award, ranking first in China Wen Travel City Brand .

"Meet Xi’an · Dream" series of literary activities have been solidly carried out, chasing the new image of the city and cultural soft strength to get concentrated display and full demonstration. 382 new physical bookstores, Zhou Qin Han Tang theme museum group construction accelerated Xi’an adheres to the culture as base, and enhances the Cultural public service level.

Pulling the focus of boutique creation is good, the story of Xi’an, the drama "Liu Qing" won the Wenhua Grand Prize, the drama "Road" "Changan Second Bowl" participated in the Central Propaganda Department "Celebrate the Excellent Stage Art Works of the Party of the Party of the Party". "Baoyue" "Da Qin Fu" hegemony CCTV gold file.

  In strengthening the construction of public cultural service system, 5 24-hour bookstore, 12 24-hour self-service library, 382 new physical bookstores, Changan Academy, Changan Yun, Changan Yue, Zhou Qin Han Tang Theme Museum Group, etc. Key Cultural Facilities Construction is accelerated.

Innovative public cultural services, organize the "Centennial History · Red Memory" artwork, "Red May" Cloud concert, "Non-legarren’s heart is warm", "non-resident", "sing Da Qin," The Qin Dynasty Exhibition "Qin Dynasty Exhibition, let the traditional culture live, the masses have a cultural fire. The city adheres to policy leaders to optimize the layout of literature industry. The "Implementation Opinions" and "Three-Year Action Plan" and related support policies of promoting cultural construction to promote the integration of literary construction, focusing on the highly added value of creative design, media film, electronic competition, etc. At the same time, promote the upgrade of tourism agents, support the scenic spot, park blocks, etc. rich experience content, improve the idea, and speed up Xi’an tourism from the tour visit to the leisure vacation. Give the "One Nuclear Two-Pooulry Three Plate" Industry Development Pattern. With the construction of historical and cultural streets, the depth of the cultural and commercial brigade leads the core development zone of Changan City Brigade in Tang Dynasty.

Highlight "Culture + Travel + Technology", build Qujiang high-tech growth to increase the growth; highlight "sports + tourism + conference", build Hong Kong affairs growth.

Linyi Qin Feng Tang Yun section, Xian Qinhan cultural sector, landscape ecological leisure sector, accelerate the development and coordinated development of the literary industry industry. Create Xi’an Wenbao New Coordination Construction Leisure Resort New Space Du Yu, Xiaoyan Tower, Han Chang’an City Universal House Park, Mingdemen Site Protection Display Area, Xingqing Palace Park and other key projects are completed; "Qin Chao Express + Old Brooku Food + New Year", drainage is significant … In addition to building Xi’an Wenbao new coordinates, the city also builds a new space of leisure vacation, built the Qinling Sibao Science Park, OCT Maya Water World and other themes Park, "Sanhe One Mountain" Greenway runs 42 human historical sites and 109 restless stations, becoming a new hot spot in leisure vacation.

  The city adheres to the creation of "five districts" (create high-level tourist scenic spots, high-standard cultural industrial park, high-quality cultural street area, construction high-load force ", high-quality tourism demonstration zone, high standards" Quality expansion. At present, Daming Palace National Ruins Park has successfully created 5A-level tourist scenic spots, Kunming Pool Tanabata Park promoted 4A-level tourist attractions.

The city has built 5 provincial cultural industries "ten thousand" project demonstration parks, 11 key parks, 30 demonstration bases. Datang is not night city, Xi’an City Wall is selected for the first batch of national nightclub consumer gathering areas. At the same time, adhere to the institutional innovation, stimulate the vitality of the cultural travel consumption market; adhere to highlighting, expand the influence of Xi’an Wenbo brand. Create an executive capital, the city’s tourism performance artida, "National Treasure" series, the online playback volume has exceeded 200 million people. Prosperous night tour economy, with special themes, boutique routes, and brand activities continue to promote night consumption, ranked second in the Night Night City. The drama "Communist Declaration" "Road" national tour guide marketing is widely praised, "Millennium Ancient Capital, Chang’an" MV full network points over 100 million. Brand activities such as Xi’an, World Cultural Tourism Conference, and Silk Road International Film Festival continue to increase. edit:.