Wugang City held world AIDS day theme publicity activities

On December 1st, it was the 33th "World AIDS Day". This year’s theme is "working with anti-prevention anti-Ai, coends health responsibility".

Henan Fenggou City held a publicity campaign in Qixin Xinyuan Square. At the event site, the medical volunteers set up a consultation desk to showcase the AIDS prevention and treatment promotion boards and accepted the relevant consultation of the people of the residents. In order to do this "World AIDS Day" propaganda, the city is led by the CDC, organizes the city’s direct medical institutions and township hospitals, and take a variety of publicity forms that popularize AIDS prevention and control knowledge, and improve the whole society to AIDS prevention and treatment. Cognition, constantly enhance the concept of "everyone is the first responsible person of myself". It is understood that the city also actively forms an AIDS propaganda team, and is currently more than 100 volunteers online.

They form a multi-group service small line, in-depth campus, community and village group to promote AIDS prevention knowledge, and meticulously enter the intimate service that patients can provide for patients, helping them to firmly live confidence, let them feel the warmth of social families. (The Dance Steel Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Yu Tao Chen Congzhao seeding) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Yang Xianina).