Xinjiang Air Publishing Air Traffic Management Center Tactics Center Technology Director State

According to the work arrangements of the Xinjiang Air Power Office Air Traffic Management Center, 11:00 on February 1, 2021, the technical director of the air traffic control center technology guarantee is officially run.

Technical director can play a good guarantee role in the implementation of safety responsibility, hidden dangers and rectification, safety risk management, and normal protection. Technical director serves management positions for equipment, while taking into account operation maintenance work, implementing communication, automation room, patrol inspection, patrol inspection of staff equipment for communications and automation.

Mainly responsible for the work coordination, information notification and linkage emergency decision-making, acceptance of the control operation site, complaints, and organize the technical force to complete the equipment support task.

Running a launching ceremony, for the official operation of the Technical Director, 16 technical director puts forward their opinion and ideas on the job responsibilities, hardware configuration, duty model, training management and competition mechanism, and said that the technical director is a Challenges, can effectively improve the individual’s comprehensive capacity and teamwork ability, and expressed full recognition of the operation of the technical director.

At the same time, standing in the height of the technical protection center, "jump out of the technical protection to see the technological protection", with the development of the eye’s commentary.

The details are key factors that determine success or failure. The little drip in the work can determine the improvement of the development height, enhance the sense of happiness and belonging in the work. The technical director is closely related to "people". Only by continuous improvement of collaborative communication skills can better adapt to the challenges in future work. I believe that through continuous exploration and efforts, the technical director will end the practice of practicing positions, enhance the level of equipment security, promotion of "big operation, big position, big duty", promote post merger and equipment refine management, simplify information notification process Improve information flow efficiency, optimize improvement equipment monitoring methods, reduce labor intensity and human security risks, and improve work efficiency, cultivate high-precision equipment to the Xinjiang Air Power.

(余 阗) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).