Wulanchabu City entrepreneurs funded poverty students

  On the occasion of the beginning of the school, the Ulanchabu City entrepreneurs donated a training activity in Jining, a Mid-King River Campus.

Up to now, 196 companies have reached a donation intention, and 2,683 poor college students have been funded.

  This event is designed to condense the strength of all parties, collect all the love, and help poor students to achieve university dreams.The Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Wulanchabu Municipal Party Committee said in Haiyu: "This donation student is respecting the will of entrepreneurs, the relevant departments, 11 flag counties and urban cooperation, and the political and enterprise jointly planned to spread the Sunshine, Pour the true love activities. A group of excellent entrepreneurs in Wulanchabu generously, fully reflect the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation ‘poverty alleviation, and smooth, good, and strongly highlighting entrepreneurs’ heart education, promoting great love’Is a good example of the people in the city of Wulanchabu, "(Reporter Huangfu Meicai Navy) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.