Liaoning 2025.7 billion yuan government bonds completed issuance in advance

Original title: Investors generally "look" Liaoning Recently, China Bond Information Network said that in 2021 Dalian local government refinance special bonds (Phase 5) started the bidding at 10:30 on November 4, completed at 11:10 Tender. At this point, Liaoning Province has completed the issuance of government bonds in the 2025.7 billion yuan quota, and the progress ranked nationwide.

Local government bonds generally use important roles as a guarantee of local government’s financial revenue capacity, raising funds in regional steady investment, expanding domestic demand, supplement, and hedging economic fluctuation pressure. To this end, the data indicators, issuance of the local debt issuance process, etc., often match the estate of the regional economic development in the region.

This year, my 上海干磨工作室微信 country strengthened local debt credit rating management. In the previous mention, 60 bonds issued by Liaoning Province have the highest level of 3A. "High bond rating has driven more strong subscriptions and enthusiasm of investors.

From the date of issue, the interest rate of Liaoning debts in various issues in the year reflects the recognition of investors to Liaoning debt. "The headquarters of the Shanghai Headquarters of Shanghai Headquarters" Bao Huan "

The lower interest rate level can not only reduce the cost of the issuer, but also one of the markers of the bond high "heat".

"The average interest rate of bonds issued this year is%, down 19 basis points than% of the compinion bond, and is at a lower level in the country." Zhao Yang, the staff of the 松江大学城多少钱一次 Provincial Department of Finance, said.

The marginal multiple of the bonds is an important technical indicator of the bond market. The greater the value, the stronger the investor "shot". As of November 11, the national local government has issued 1852 bonds, and the two bonds of the two bonds in Liaoning Province were doubled and doubled, ranked 2%.

"The bidding of the Liaoning bidding is higher, and the market reflects the market for the development of the Liaoning economy in recent years," Bao Huan said. The government bonds issued by Liaoning expect high, strong confidence, not only professional investors. This year, Liaoning Province has a comprehensive open government bond secondary market to individual and SME investors, divided into two billion commercial bank counters, and 上海徐汇按摩店 raised funds will be mainly used in Liaoning Provincial Rural Revitalization. Among them, the counter debt issued on October 11, the sale is over half a day, and after 15 o’clock on the 14th. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Liaoning Province Branch of the underwriting quota of 20 million yuan, sold in more than 2 hours. "After the sale of the work, there are still some people to consult the next office", "said the general manager of the banking institution’s financial business unit, and many people expressed the attention of the bond capital investment. I believe that the hometown economy will be better. With this aspiration, Liaoning Province government bonds have also achieved many effectiveness in promoting economic development of Liaoning. This year, I issued a new bond 32.3 billion yuan, of which 4. billion yuan in major projects was used to promote the effectiveness of 321 infrastructure and other fields, and the investment of more than 20 billion yuan; the release of 19.6 billion yuan support small and medium-sized bank development bonds, supplements Liaoshen Bank and 37 rocominations of 37 rural and civilian agencies; replacement bonds issued, each year can reduce the fundamental financial interest expenditure of 1.4 billion yuan. "In the future, with the solid promotion of the structure of the structure" three big articles ", ‘Digital Liaoning, Zhizhiqi Province has accelerated construction, the market’ Liaoning’s confidence will be more enhanced.

"The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Finance said. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing Let more people see the client download.