Li Zhijun: Fully sprinting the full-year target task strives to achieve the development of "14th Five-Year Plan"

Original title: Fully sprinting the full-year target task strives to achieve the "14th Five-Year Plan" development well started on October 7th, in our district, the four sets of team monthly meetings, convey the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Talent Work Conference, the cityHigh Quality Development Project Observation Promotion Association, listening to the regional government, the District Government Standing Committee, the District Government, and the District CPPCC in October.

Li Zhijun Li Zhijun, secretary of the district committee, presided over and speeches. He emphasized that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the eighth party congress in the city, and strive to sprint the full-year target task, and strive to achieve a good start of "14th Five-Year" development.

Dai Yong, deputy secretary of the district committee, and Dai Yong, the completion of the total work in September, and deployed in October. The director of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee, Fan Dayu, the president of the District Political Consultative Conference, Chen Yun, deputy secretary of the district committee, attended.

Li Zhijun demanded that we must seriously study the spirit of the eighth party congress in the city, and promote the decision-making of the Municipal Party Committee in Dafeng.

The whole district must improve the political station, unify the minds and action to the city Party congress, learn to understand the transparency direction, highlight the focus to grasp, raise the benchmark to compete, with iron belief, the chest of the sea, the chest of the sea The passion, promoting various work, the city’s station, the whole province is competing. Continue to promote the education and political and legal team education for party history and political and legal teams. As an important part of learning education, the spirit of learning education is to do a good job of "two in two", will be practical, solve problems, and do a good job as a specific starting hand of "learning history". Learning education experience and typical propaganda reports, let party history education is more deeply rooted; building political loyalty, solidifying rectification, consolidating education and rectification results, and doing the first batch of education to rectify the "second half" article. To do a good job of rehabilitation.

From the enhancement of "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", to achieve the political height of "two maintenance", and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility for doing a good job in reimbursing work, strict standards, order according to law, and coordinate the election Work.

It is necessary to sprint for the fourth quarter.

The annual target task is not released, insists on problem-oriented, target orientation, resulting orientation, improve work accuracy and effectiveness; firmly increasing investment promotion, all sectors are mainly responsible for comrades to personally grasp the investment, strong promotion Surprising, unsecking, strive to break through a group of real industrial projects; tightly promoting project construction, grab the general meeting of the city’s obeys in the city, close attention to this year, starting the project, in order to promote high quality development Vitality; actively take the initiative to do a good job of dual-control work, resolutely curb high-energy consumption, high-emission project blindly develop, promote green transformation and high quality development; to make an effort to support private economic development, combing the pain points of blocked pain points that hinder the development of private enterprises The policies initiatives of various Huiqi warm enterprises have promoted private enterprises to do strong; high quality and efficient implementation of optimization business environment, education high quality development, rural residences, etc. It is necessary to coordinate urban construction, tourism "double creation" and other work.

In the construction of urban construction, he will heat up the construction of key project construction, accelerate housing, and continue to improve urban environments. In the "Double Creative" work in tourism, it is necessary to promote the high-speed quality development of Dafeng tourism economy in accordance with the established goals.

At the same time, it is unswervingly promoting the comprehensive environmental remediation of the string of the field, ensuring a new breakthrough in various work. To maintain the safety of social overallities. If you don’t have a good job in preventing and control all the efforts, strengthen the risk and resolve the maintenance of social stability. . Li Zhijun emphasized that it is necessary to grasp the implementation of high goals, high efficiency promotion, high-quality development work, with truthful, fast, courage, and work ability to translate the work deployment into landing roots. At the same time, we must pay close attention to the supervision, insist on supervising the important means of promoting implementation, implement the implementation of the supervision frequency, form an inspection and supervision, and promote the results of supervision, and promote the formation of closed-loop, strive to create "all The deployment must be implemented, and there will be a strong atmosphere that will be efficient ", providing an important guarantee for the scenery of various work.

Dai Yong demanded in the speech, we must fully set off the four-quarter of the country, struggling to win the whole year, and strive to springer the national identified target tasks, seize the weak link, find the main attack direction, and constantly improve the economic operation and scheduling efficiency and development. Quality; temperature rise and pressurization to promote the construction of investment promotion projects, gathering the 111 strategic emerging industrial head enterprises and key supporting enterprises in the "according to the picture", " "Two true", city view of MMS, 50 million 上海闵行水磨推荐 yuan, more than 50 million yuan, form a group of new growth points as soon as possible; in-depth implementation of urban update action, constructing the construction of the Delta integrated integrated integration development demonstration zone, We will wear the key projects in the urban construction, strongly carry out the War of the City Housing Enhancement, and do a good job in "double creation" work, deepen the creation of national civilized cities; continue to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside, and do a good job in revitalizing the performance and collapses of the autumn collections. , Recruit high-standard farmland construction, attract a well-known agricultural product exquisite processing project, complete the improvement of farmhouse, beautiful and livable rural construction and 龙凤论坛娱乐地图 high-speed environmental remediation tasks; reagent to energy conservation and consumption and ecological protection, optimize adjustment in the fourth quarter Regulation plan, fully cooperate with the special inspector of provincial ecological environment protection, pay close attention to the land of illegal violations, the rectification of the marine inspector, resolutely grasp the coastal remembering the name of the fishing boat, involved in fishing "three no" ship, involved in fishing township vessel Special cleanup and remediation of "three types of ships"; fully maintain social overall situation, do not relax in autumn and winter epidemic prevention and control work, deep investigation and remediation of key field safety hazards, actively investigate risk hidden dangers, solve contradiction disputes, maintain harmonious and stable social environment .爱上海油压论坛

The district leaders Chen Gang, Zhang Linhai, Chen Hua, Huang, Wei Aijun, Zhu Xiaochun, Huang Yongcheng and other participation in the meeting. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.