Liangxi District actively look for specimen partial role in breaking the lock

  Looking for parking, you have to "touch your luck", pay the parking fee, "wallet is shock" … The real version grabs the parking space to be staged every day.

How to crack the parking is difficult for this city, testing the level of urban governance.

This year, there have been more than 20,000 public parking spaces this year. Can these parking spaces can effectively alleviate the parking problem? What kind of way can I "specify the symptoms" implementation? Parking is really expensive "scan code, wallet," on Saturday afternoon, all the full-time mother Wu Zhen, who rarely went to the city center, came to Henglong Square, prepared to shop with the lady, drink coffee.

The underground parking lot is full, she turned three laps in the nearby Maojiaxiang, so it’s hard to wait until a pavement parking space.

After 4 hours, she returned with shopping bags. When sweeping the code, the wallet was shocked "- 30 yuan, 3 yuan per half hour, more than one hour, 4 yuan per half hour.

In the evening, I went to the old Yongle Road to have dinner, and the parking fee here is not cheap, 2 hours and 14 yuan. Wu Zhen felt incredible, the toll collector told her that there is also a type of toll area, the charging standard and the central business district, and there is a parking space.

  "The turtle back shell is the most expensive, and the periphery is still a little bit.

"Citizens’ margin analysis, parking prodes may be market-forming ways to solve parking difficulties.

The toll collector told reporters that the Taoxiang Pavement Car Palliser said that the price leverage did not play the purpose of regulating parking resources. Take the surroundings around Henglong Square, whether it is underground or on the ground, it is full of 10:00 am, and the holiday is a difficult to seek, leading to healthy roads and nearby back streets often have a chaotic parking.

  It is understood that there are currently 2000 parking lots in the central city, with a total mooring capacity, but 70% is a community and unit internal parking lot, commercial facilities supporting berths and road berths account for 3%, less than 80,000, weekends or It is difficult to meet the parking demand when parking peaks in holidays.

  The problem is to be solved, the platform is expected to be expected yesterday, Xiao Wang, who lives in Hui Mountain, has a dinner bureau in Xiaoxiang Lane, and he knows that local parking space is not easy. When you are fighting, colleagues tell him that you can pay attention to the "Wuxi Parking" WeChat public number, and you will find your parking space.

Xiao Wang entered the "Xiaoyu Lane" in the "Wuxi Parking" public number, the search results are the first in Chongning Road Parking.

He stepped, this is not the old public security, open 176 small car berths to the society. Xiao Wang also received a 5 yuan of electronic coupon. On November 2nd, the parking lot of Chongning Road, which is open to the public is the problem of "difficulty in parking" in our city. Under the guidance of the city management bureau, Wuxi City-level wisdom parking management platform is one of the effective methods of mitigate the difficulty of parking in the city center. At present, the platform has completed the static data collection of 10 7395 libraries in the urban area, and 628 field libraries have a dynamic data networking.

The public can get convenient, fast in place, with a comprehensive parking service such as "One-click Query", "One-click Inquiry", "One-click Inquiry", "One-click Inquiry" on "Wuxi Parking" public account and "Lingkin" app. Utilization. Another path that solves the difficulty of parking in the city center is a shared car.

The smart parking management platform Tang Yiyi said that through the analysis of big data, the platform can clearly show the tidal rules of the city center parking. In the future, in the future, in the case of normal operation of the parking lot, we will vigorously promote the construction of the residential community and enterprises and institutions. Huanfeng parking, car park deposit, while improving parking income, achieving multi-party winning. The symptom partition is used to guide parking.

Next to Metro Line 3 near Jinghaiyuan, a new built-in parking lot can accommodate more than 70 cars, which greatly facilitates parking nearby residents. The street staff told reporters that there were monthly living parking spaces in the parking lot, and many residents chose to transfer here.

The urban management staff in Liangxi District told reporters that combined with the No. 1, 2, 3, No. 2, 3, which will be opened, the top line 4, the subway site is arranged in a number of parking lots, which is convenient for resident traffic connections, "We want to achieve the effect Yes, in the future, the public can park the car in the periphery, transfer to the subway 上海新区桑拿按摩 or bus into the liberation loop, to mitigate the pressure of the parking of the city center, and provide you with a better travel experience.

"Although I can transfer, I am still more willing to directly ‘one foot throttle’ point to the destination. Xiaoyu said that most of the voice of most drivers.

How can I guide more people to choose a better parking mode? Liangxi District is looking for an answer.

The area is laying off with "Turtle Back Shell" as "inner circle", with the ancient city of the ancient canal, the large canal is "middle", "three circles" in Liangxi Science and Technology City, Four Groups as "outer circle" Architecture, public services and environmental governance in the region will be laid around this plan, allowing spatial 上海spa品茶论坛 structures to meet urban scale, and integrated transport will also rely on this architecture to improve and transform.

In the opinion, only the coil building is more clear, the transfer of the middle and outer circles is more convenient, in order to better guide the public’s travel habits, truly the parking pressure "burden" in the core inner circle.

(Han Linglu).