Let the "Qi Lu grain oil" product takes up the table of Sanqin people

"Qilu grain oil" Xi’an Promotion Cancer and 2021 Ru Shaan Food Production and Workshop University (Photographing Talking) In the Expertment ConferenceIntention, 14 enterprises on-site signing.As the first province of "Qilu grain oil" in 2021, the number of Shandong enterprises in this exhibition, the number of Shandong Cooperative merchants, and the number of "Qilu grain oil" China’s activities are new, effectively built the cooperation of food 新上海sh419 industry in two provinces.Platform, complementary advantages, promoting production and marketing, strengthening provincial cooperation, playing effective driving effect.

Shandong is a grain production, reserves, 上海逍遥网qm circulation and processing and transformation. The total grain output has been more than 1 billion pounds for 6 consecutive years.39%.How to boost Shandong high-quality grain and oil products into Shaanxi, take the table of Xi’an citizens?It is the focus of this promotion.