Lhasa City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special inspection of cold chain food 

  Lhasa Market Supervision Bureau law enforcement personnel examined cold chain food. The map is provided by the Lhasa Market Supervision Bureau to further implement the central, autonomous region, Lhasa city about normalized epidemic prevention and control work decision deployment, continuously consolidate the residence of Lhasa City, and fully protect the lives of the people and health, recently, Lhasa. The city’s market supervision department conducts a special supervision and inspection of cold chain food in food production enterprises, food retailers and catering services in the jurisdiction. It is reported that the Lhasa City Market Supervision Bureau focuses on 378 cold-chain food management subjects in the jurisdiction, comprehensively carry out investigations, requires operators to strictly implement the subject responsibility, strictly implement import inspection and claims, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control Requirements, implementation of prevention and control measures, comprehensively carry out hidden dangers in the cold chain food "inward, sales, storage, and transportation" process, risk prevention and control, further compacting the responsibility system.

  Lhasa City Market Supervision Bureau law enforcement officers passed the qualification, check the cash on the ticket, check the account account, whether or not the cold chain food business is bright, whether the purchase check system, the purchase of cold chain food has no inspection and quarantine certificate, The nucleic acid test report, disinfection certificate, claiming information, etc. are checked.

At the same time, whether the cold chain food business main body is established in accordance with the "four must not" requirements, whether it is true to store the refrigerated frozen food information, whether to apply "Tibetan source code", whether to sign "Cold Chain Food Standard Management Commitment" An understanding. During the investigation, law enforcement officers also actively promote the importance and necessity of prevention and control work, and promptly urged rectification in a timely manner found in the inspection.

Up to now, there are seven cold chain food freezers. For one business entity in the West Sea Cold Out, the import of cold chain food, the trail of the imported cold chain food, the city, a restaurant, has been transferred to the Economic Development Zone, Chengguan District The Market Supervision Bureau is handled. In addition, the Lhasa City Market Supervision Bureau formulated the "Implementation Plan of the Cold Chain Food Epidemic Control and Control", through the department linkage, forming supervision and cooperation with public security, business, Wei Jian and other departments, forming a special supervision team for cold chain food, strictly followed "Management", "Who is the supervisor, who is responsible" 上海龙凤资源汇总群 to strengthen supervision and guidance, clear the four responsibilities, and implement the "Industry Coach" duty. Problems found in the supervision and safety hazards, feedback, and order on site to rectify immediately. In the late stage, "look back" closed-loop supervision, ensuring that "problem" is implemented in place. Next, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Lhasa will further increase market supervision, and to prevent and control the responsibility, prevent and control the vulnerability and reinforcement, anti-control focus and reinforcement; strengthen measures, pay close attention to the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control Guard the market management order and food safety, and ensure that the anti-chain food is in place. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let 桑拿论坛最新上海 more people see.