Li Mingyuan hosted the convening of the Municipal Government Party Community and the Theoretical Center Group Learning Conference

  On the afternoon of November 17th, the municipal government party secretary, and the mayor Li Mingyuan presided over the Municipal Government Party Association and the Theoretical Learning Center Group to study the meeting, convey the spirit of the Chief Secondary Plenary Session of the Party, and collectively learned General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The important speech at the 32nd, thirty-three, thirty-four sets of collective students and the tenth meeting of the Central Finance and Economic Commission, the central government to deeply deepen the 21th meeting of the Reform Commission, the Central National Work Conference, Central Party School Young cadres training shifts, in-depth promotion of important speech at important conferences such as Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Symposium in the Yellow River Basin, studying the current key work. The meeting pointed out that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is an important meeting held on the key node of the "two-year hundred years" struggle for the history of the intersection of the "two-year hundred years", which will will lead to 黄浦区水磨价格 the unity of the whole party, unify the will, unified action, unity lead The people of all ethnic groups in the country will better adhere to and develop significant socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

General Secretary Xi Jinping, the high-rise, rich in high-rise, rich in connotation, profound thinking, providing important follows in promoting high quality development in Xi’an. The members of the municipal government should conscientiously study, fully implement, effectively enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", do "two maintenance", unforgettable, keep in mind the mission, constantly improve political judgment, politics Encounter, political execution, planning to promote the high quality development of Xi’an economies in higher starting point.

上海花千坊爱上海   The meeting emphasized that the learning propaganda to implement the spirit of the 19th National President of the Communist Party of China as the current and future major political tasks, according to the central unified deployment and the provincial party committee, the municipal party committee, carefully organized the study and training, and deeply grasp the rich connotation. Continue to deepen the learning understanding of the spirit of the Plenary Session.

To combine the actual work, combine the party history education, do a good job of exchange discussion, publicize the interpretation, use your own learning results to learn the cadres and promote the promotion of learning and propaganda, in order to promote Xi’an national central city construction and economic high quality development Gather strength. The meeting emphasized that the enthusiasm and motivation to study and implement the spirit of the plenary session will be put into the current work. If you don’t relax your normalized epidemic prevention and control work, fully grasp the steady growth, expand investment, and promote consumption, do a good job. Safety production, people’s livelihood guarantee and other key tasks, and actively plan next year, struggling to write a new chapter in Xi’an high-quality development. edit:.