Let each party have strength (people forum)

  "Billion thousands of hundreds, all from one." Honggong project, magnificent base, majestic organization, unwanted element. The Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Centariance of the Party further seriously serious the party’s political life, strengthening the supervision within the party, is for the sake of the strong base, starting from each party member, forging a strong leadership core.

  Because of the tissue scattered, the Outline, the birth of hundreds of political parties born in the early years of the Republic of China, most of them were folded.

After the failure of the "Second Revolution", Sun Yat-sen is ambiguous: the inside of the Kuomintang is confusing, the fish dragon is mixed, the organizational is serious and not pure, the party is disciplined, "" Non-Yuan’s strength is strong, the same party is the same ".

Subsencing, the group and organization of the thinlalas are uncomfortable. If a party, if its members are, they lack basic organizational awareness and disciplinary awareness, if their members have a private heart, they cannot fight together, with "a bag of potatoes", a basket of "pebbles". Party members are the cells of the party’s body. The advanced nature of the party, the advanced performance from each Communist Party member; the party’s cohesiveness is inseparable from the unity of every Communist Party member.

"I can discard everything, but revolutionize the cause, but I am worried, I can’t lose it!" Open Fang Zhimin’s text, and the party’s loyalty is full of paper.

The old Red Army Tang Jin newly recalled the Long March. "Every battle has a large number of comrades, but the people who live down will not shrink because we have red ideals."

Why is the founding of the Communist Party of China, the 67th China Communist Party, is still considered "Asian and the world’s most dynamic party"? Thousands of beliefs are firm, and the party members who are loyal are being the 闵行洗浴推油 source of vitality, the cornerstone of strength. It is mentioned that "the two studies and one do" learning education, an old party member said that the party members are "it is its", learning education is a must-have.

Indeed, qualified party members are always on the road. The excellent quality of party members is not born, no one has natural immunity to corrupt microbiology.

上海虹口区油压资源 Zhou Enlai has warned that "Every party member should have such awareness from joining the Communist Party: preparing to transform my thoughts, and have been transformed into the old." There are only a few words to enter the party vows, but the vowed vows need a life effort.

From resolutely supporting the party’s route, principles, policies, to try to practice the party’s fine style, then to difficulties and test in front of the test, stick to the true color, only to truly put the party in the heart, always guard the party membership requirements I’m, the Communist Party member has become a communist party member.

  The strengthening of party membership, the promotion of party spirit cultivation, causing the seriousness of the serious party to face the political life.

Our Party’s early Youth Sports Leaders said in analyzing the self-thinking situation: "If I want to ask me, will there be ‘selling the country? I will never have a good mouth, I have no supervision of the troching, I will always Some I can’t grasp, so I have to ensure that my ‘don’t sell’, I only strive to ask for party discipline, the development of the lower class supervision.

"The political consciousness of party members and cadres, not to give yourself a hundred percent stocks, but give yourself 100% to the organization. Consciously carry out the work of discipline constraints and the party’s supervision, the reason is that each party member cadre is a good guideline.

For the party organization, "consolidate the party,", " As early as the beginning of the reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping pointed out that our party should resume excellent traditions and style, there is a party member to qualify, if tens of millions of party members are qualified, will it be a great force. Let every party member is full of power, we must use the ideal light to shine the road, and create a better future with the power of faith.