Leading training, striving to win the roots

In recent years, with the depth of the training, I will catch the trip to the deep, and the awareness of the preparation of war at all levels is obviously enhanced. The actual training atmosphere is more and more strong, and the training preparations will go up. The whole army is in full swing.But still have to be awake, the "two-eight phenomenon" on the training ground "28 phenomena" has not completely eradicated, especially the training link of the "War-Leading training – actual training – training" is not completelyUnblocked, the general battle of the whole army is still gap in winning modern warfare.

The problem is the sound of the times, the problem is the direction of work.

Focus on solve the painful point of the victim, the actual training can take a firm step and achieve fruitful results.Strengthening the awareness of war, resolutely clearing the main business of the peaceful rust army of the idea is to prepare for the fight, and at any time, it cannot deviate from this fundamental function.

In the long-term peace environment, some of the officers and soldiers really prepared awareness tree is still not prison, training lacks battlefield, nervous, life and death, and even completing training as a general work; some officers and men think that they can’t get up for a while, playing It is also unveiled; some pan-fault tags, look at the opponent, and don’t consciously put themselves, put the act of the training preparation. Peaceful disadvantage is not extent, the war is endless.

The awareness of war is indifferent is the peace and disadvantage of the soul, which is the root of the ideological root affecting the training.

The paralysis of the peaceful age is to pay for the expense of sacrifice. Highlight the training training, first strengthen the throat of the troops, strengthen the spirit of the officers and soldiers, and should have a strict supervision and accountability to promote the training of the military to prepare for the training. Deepen the research on combat issues, promote military training docking modern battlefields "Van Xingbingzhong, the land of the battle, must predict.

"The war is the biggest unknown variable, and the war can be practiced, and the enemy can win the enemy.

At present, some units have not yet deep in the study, sinking, understanding the task is not deep enough, and the enemy research is relatively rough, and the countermeasures will not be untrue to exist.

The annual training of the tactical warfare, but some of the modern battlefield innovation is not enough, some lack of repeated drills form muscle memory, thinking memory. The study of combat problems is not untrue is not very untrue to affect the effective bottleneck of practical training. The innovative technological content of the war training method is not high. It is an important reason for the low level of practical training. In the face of the era of strong military training, build a world-class army, win a modern war, and deepen the operation of combat problems.

It is highlighted by the war training, and it is necessary to continue to study the wind of the battle. The understanding of the problem, specifically study what kind of fighting, who fights, what kind of war, what kind of war law, etc., truly penetrate the operational mission, combat the opponent, combat the environment, and make a variety of war, one Action multi-hand preparation. The smooth training transformation link, based on the design training content of the operational demand is the fundamental traction of the war, reflects the essence of fighting and preparation. If the war is better than the cow, then the demand for fighting is the manging rope, which is the orientation, it is a starting point, and it is moving.

However, combat demand traction military training has lacks institutional mechanism norms, some training content can not change the modern operation mode, some training standards are too complicated, "how to fight" has not effectively traged and integrated "How to practice".

The original power of military struggle is in battlefield demand, the more it should prevent military training and operational demand.

The transformation of training conduction is not a highlight of the high-power training. It is highlighted by the war training, and it is necessary to give full play to the traction of combat demand, refine the duties of regulatory training. Training content, enter the training outline, forming a smooth link from the combat plan to the practice practice. Aiming to strong enemy training, improving the strength training level of practical training is the fundamental attributes and essential requirements of military training, and the level of actual training directly determines the quality effect of combat power generation.

Throughout the ancient and modern China and foreign countries, any army who can hit the War, all from strict practical training. At present, our military’s actual combat training level is still to be improved, which has both objective conditions, and there is a problem that is subjective. For example, individual joint training also has a process with a short-age longitude, and the force is not enough, and the action is reflected in the modernity of modern times; the complex battlefield environment has a modest, simulating the Blue Army and the strong enemy opponent There is a gap. The fight is hard, and the training must be realistic.

It is close to the strong enemy, close to the mission, and it is not a common problem for the battlefield. It is highlighted by the war, and according to the practice of the military training base, the training base simulates the battlefield environment and confrontation conditions, adopts the most close mission mission, the most conforming to the actual requirements, the actual training road, strengthen the troops The real-in-law training, mission is specialized to attack the training, and the results of the emergency will be transformed into practice, which is really difficult to inspect and honor the actual capabilities.

Playing the effectiveness of training, enhanced the ability to win modern war, stem from war, suitable for war, used for war is the eternal law of 上海kb最新 military training. In training, training and actual combat are integrated, and it is the final destination of actualized training.

Owenburg is a US Army National Training Center. The US local troops arrived every 18 months. The US military officers and soldiers said: "Everything I encountered on the battlefield, I have encountered in Owenberg. "Our military uses the actual combat training results 松江足浴会所哪家好 inspection and investment case, and the training re-discussion is much more realistic. The rising theoretical level is not enough, and the training field has not truly becomes the test site developed by the new operational concept. The process of designing "training" is the process of studying "war".

The training cannot support the actual combat will fall into the low-level low efficiency of training.

It is highlighted by the war training, to make the needs and results management, and the plan sub-step gives the specific tasks of various types of training inspections, verification and combat innovation, and establish a variety of combat laboratories and combat data, and to perform verification combat theory. , Combat programs, combat warships, accumulating the development of our army in combating the development of our army. The wind will sometimes hang the clouds. The actual training is a hard temper, leading training, practical training, and training the war is to curb the war, win the important guarantee of winning war, only to carry out training like a fight, tomorrow can perform mission like training .

(Training must be real).