Just released! China Internet of Things development annual report

Modern Express News (Reporter Kim Jin Chen Min) August 7, the occasion of World Day of things, the 2020 World Expo officially opened things in Wuxi. In the opening event – and things 5G and Innovative Development Conference, China Economic Information Service (hereinafter referred to as CENS) published in Wuxi, "2019– 2020 annual report of China Internet of Things" (hereinafter referred to as "Annual Report").

△ China Economic Information Service, Vice President Cao Wenzhong issued "Annual 爱上海贵族宝贝419 Report" live Aoxiang / photo According to the "Annual Report", 2019 Wuxi things networking industry revenues over 280 billion yuan, nearly 1/4 of the country, keeping five-year average growth rate of 20% above.

Settled a series of national innovation platform, standards development, network construction, application and promotion and other areas continue to achieve new breakthroughs, industrial clusters, high-end development more obvious characteristics, significantly improved position in the global industry value chain. "Annual Report" that, at present, our country still faces a number of things development bottlenecks, but the joint efforts of the national strategy, driven by industrial policy and lead the people in the industry, things will accelerate the integration of innovation, 上海郊区品茶 enabling the real economy.

In addition, the "Annual Report" analysts believe that the development of things presents some new features and trends.

First, the world of things into the ground acceleration and network monitoring industry both remediation phase. Things continued global mass deployment of equipment, the number of connections to break through 11 billion; module and the chip market was strong, centralized platform trend evident, become more active in the investment industry. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the size of the market growth is expected, but the overall trend change for the better. Second, my country’s Internet of Things industry scale than-expected growth, networking and application promotion outstanding results. Under the impetus of the national strategy of network power, such as new infrastructure, expedite the implementation of IPv6, NB-IoT, 5G and other network construction, network connections moving object has exceeded 1.2 billion devices connected to the global proportion accounted for more than 60%, the consumption of Things things gradually began and industrial-scale applications, 5G, car networking and other areas of development breakthrough. Data show that in 2019 the scale of the industry exceeded one trillion yuan, more than the expected value of planning.

Third, the layout of leading enterprises overweight, 5G edge computing network construction and development of the Internet of Things applications deepen wheel drive. Since 2019, Huawei, Alibaba, Haier and other leading companies have focused on overweight layout, head of venture capital institutional investors active in the field of things average amount of financing has increased.

Accompanied by commercial 5G speed up the process, the integration of NB-IOT-scale deployment, networking and artificial intelligence, big data, accelerate innovation, while increasing edge computing device connected to the drive demand growth, car networking, the Internet industry, the wisdom of medical scenarios further deepened. Fourth, the networking industry cluster Wuxi, continued escalation of high-end development, world-class New Heights Things to accelerate the rise. In recent years, Wuxi stick to technology innovation, industry development, and demonstration of world-class networking industry cluster foster the development path to achieve superior networking industry from scratch to leap from there to. related suggestion.