Let teachers in special post retain teach well

  For a long time, the Association Central play to their advantages in the sectors of education and cultural fields, focus on key and difficult issues in-depth research. On two of the country in 2020, the Association Central to submit "proposals" "About optimization" rural compulsory education school teachers plan special status (No. 0219) was selected good proposal CPPCC year 2020.

Proposals concern the outstanding problems faced by teachers in practice, "special post plan", and to make recommendations for future implementation and teachers in special post of the next "special post plan." This year is the implementation of the "special post plan" the first 16 years.

The gap between urban and rural schools for lack of teachers in rural areas the number of low quality and other issues led to the poor, in 2006, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Personnel, the Central Office and other four departments jointly launched the implementation of "ad hoc rural compulsory education school teachers jobs plan "(referred to as" special post plan "), open recruitment of college graduates to teach in rural schools in the west.

  16 years, "special post plan" cumulative Midwest rural school teachers in special post supplementary 103 million, greatly complement and optimize the rural teachers, inject vitality into the development of rural education.

With the increasing social demand for teachers in special post of teachers in special post is also becoming a major source of employment options for teachers in many areas of strength and a growing number of college graduates.

  "Although the ‘special post plan’ has made great achievements, but in practice still faces outstanding problems.

"As the Association preliminary study participants and sponsors one of the central writers, Beijing Normal University professor Xueer Yong said an interview with reporters recently.

  Who will be the special post of teachers? 16 years, 1.03 million.

  Who make up 1.03 million teachers in special post this? What kind of person they are, what education, gender and age? With questions, the Association Central research group conducted an investigation in many, and local government departments, school administrators and teachers in special post, we conducted a survey and interviews.

  According to statistics, 85 205 teachers in special post 2018 actual recruitment, the proportion of teachers college degree is%, accounting for undergraduate education teachers is%. Especially in Jiangxi, Sichuan and Xinjiang, accounting for college education teachers in special post they reached%% and%. "Special post teachers there are still some non-teacher professional students." Association Central Committee investigation found that the primary reason for this situation is normal students have more choices in seeking jobs, while for non want to engage in the education sector For teacher Training students, teachers in special post threshold is relatively low.

But even received College Graduates teacher professional education system, becoming a division when they took to the teachers in special post jobs, deal with complex teaching environment, teaching experience and the lack of basic skills, will be given daily teaching effectiveness affect. Research found that the lack of teachers in special post induction adaptation period and work focused on training and professional help will not only lead to career anxiety, reduced motivation teaching special post of teachers, is not conducive to the formation of professional growth environment. (The switch Second Edition) (connected on the first edition) "So, whether from academic or professional capacity, the country’s special post of teachers are urgently further enhanced.

"Xueer Yong said. In addition, special post gender imbalance teacher groups are also worthy of attention.

"Special post plan" Decade Assessment Report show: from 2012 to 2015, the proportion of the national structure of women teachers in special post sex increased from 2012% to 2015%. With the continued implementation of the "special post plan", the proportion of women teachers in special post or will continue to rise. Association Central Committee investigation also found that the proportion of female teachers in special post as school administrative positions was significantly lower than male teachers in special post.

Especially in rural schools, male teachers in special post to become more scarce talent.

  What are the pros and cons as a special post of teachers? Type in the search engine "teachers in special post" links in pop-up "teachers in special post pros and cons" "teachers in special post worthwhile test" and a series of related issues. These problems reflect the problems from the side of those who will be college graduates or have embarked on teachers in special post positions are most concerned about: how to weigh the pros and cons of teachers in special post.

  "Special post plan" provides teachers in special post implementation of appointment, duration of employment for three years, the implementation of the national unified wage system and standards during the appointment. In addition to wages, teachers in special post allowance payment of an allowance can get around the income level and the central level of subsidy according to the same conditions, a comprehensive public teachers determined.

  16 years, the special post wage subsidies for teachers during the service continues to increase.

According to the Ministry of Education’s official website information display, from 2014 to 2018, central and western regions subsidies were increased to ten thousand yuan from the million and $ million and $ million.

  It is worth mentioning that the "get" and will not end with the end of the appointment and termination. At the end of the employment period of three years, teachers can choose to stay on the ground, local government departments to ensure that teachers have compiled a hillock.

Experience for teachers in special post-graduate study also bonus.

"Special post plan" provides that the National Graduate Entrance Examination within three years of service after the expiration of the teachers, the first test scores can add 10 points, priority admission under the same conditions. In some users view, "lost" it is also self-evident. "Special post plan" 100 percent coverage of the country’s poor county, two county-based tackling the disaster area counties and border counties, poverty-stricken counties coverage of autonomy old revolutionary base areas and ethnic minorities close to 80%. Choose to become a special post teacher means to do rooted in years of difficult areas to prepare. Education Department data show that, with the support of the safeguard policies, the special post of teachers showed an increasing trend in the post rate and service expires 上海龙凤shift retention rates. Special post teacher team stability to be improved.

Association Central Committee also pointed out that the proposal, teachers in special post in the loss of a part of itself is relatively good, tends to flow in the city after the expiration of the service; there are still some teachers in special post itself there is a lack of ability, but the quality needs to be improved though remain.

  The special post teachers to stay on the team stability is not satisfactory.

A survey for the western region of the display, special post teachers to stay in the "willing" lifelong education services in rural areas of less than two percent of people, more than half of teachers in special post in his spare time watching all kinds of examinations.

"This shows that the 上海spa水磨 group of teachers is not enough to remain stable, there is a potential risk of loss." Xueer Yong said.

  In addition to teachers in special post I weigh "special post plan" gains and losses, the local government is also an account balance. "Special post plan" provides the central government set up special funds for teachers in special post wage expenditures, and local financial and truly settled. Central support financially, both to attract college graduates, but also encourage local governments. However, local governments in the implementation process there were some deviations. Through research, CAPD Central Committee found that some local governments in order to obtain support for the central government, "three free" have high-quality teachers, the recruitment of teachers in special post as the main channel, regardless of whether we really need the local, recruit a large number of special post in the recruitment teachers, contrary to the original intention of the establishment of "special post plan." "This is the ‘special post plan’ appears in the process of grassroots exploration in question, in fact, reflects the problem of ‘special post plan’ encountered in the implementation of policies.

"Xueer Yong said.

  "Special post plan" how to optimize? Since the implementation of "special post plan" has become a strong driving force for the development of quality education in rural areas of central and western my country, but also in promoting educational equity and improve the quality of education, poverty alleviation and education to promote the revitalization of rural and grass-roots employment of college graduates guidance play an important role.

Standing years and the development of the vision of "Fourteen five" first year 2035, the next "special post plan" will go where? What special post teachers of the future? "First To optimize policy design." CAPD Central Committee called for in the proposal, dynamic precision approved teacher preparation, based on the actual situation in rural areas, according to class size, discipline needs nuclear compiled. Precision teacher quota allocation "special post plan."

  Currently, the "special post plan" initially solved the problems "have to go under, retain, teach well", but the problem for the stability of the loss of teachers and retention of teachers, believe that the proposal to carry out career management, to help teachers in special post established clear career awareness, career planning and formation path. "Who will become teachers in special post" "how to manage and evaluate teachers in special post" "What kind of treatment to provide protection" for teachers in special post these issues are most concerned about, the proposal should be considered to meet the practical needs of teachers in special post, local government special Kong teachers to provide specific support development and enhance long-term stability of the special post of teachers.

  "Special post teachers themselves should also be optimized.

"Association Central Committee proposal was to encourage support for in-service teachers in special post using the summer vacation, leisure time to enhance learning, and open a variety of ways to enhance education.