Large literature special film "Dare to teach the sun and month to change the new 嘉定油压群 day" 19th episode "cultural confidence"

CCTV News: 24 episodes of large-scale literature "Dare to teach Sun Moon to change the new day" starting from CCTV integrated channels and record channels in Central Radio and TV Station on June 20th, two episodes.The nineteenth episode "Cultural 大龙凤419 Confidence" tells the cultural confidence is a country, and a national development is more basic, deeper, and longer.

From the date of birth, the Chinese Communist Party has opened a great journey of reshaping national culture.The profound and profound of China’s outstanding traditional culture, the long-term madness of revolutionary culture, the prosperity of socialist advanced culture, co-cultivation, co-cultivation, a strong focal gas of firm culture.

General Secretary Xi Jinping enhanced 上海千花论坛约会归来 cultural construction to a new historical height, personally painting cultural strong national strategy, carefully deployed cultural development measures, and strongly promoted national cultural soft power and the impact of Chinese civilization.