Lanzhou Petrochemical Changqing Parthenne Bouton

Original title: Lanzhou Petrochemical Changqing Parthenne Animethan Project Loam August 10

At 14:50 on August 3, the ethylene device of the project successfully produced qualified ethylene products after the feeding was driven. This is the first large ethylene production 松江大学城学生300一次 device built by the first set of ethane technology using China Petroleum independently developed. Fill the blank of ethylene technology in domestic ethane. According to reports, the ethylene industry 上海黄埔品茶水磨 is the core of the petrochemical industry, closely related to the work of industrial and agricultural production, transportation, defense technology and people’s lives. At present, there are more ethylene in China to split naphtha, but the cost of raw materials is high, accounting for 60% to 80% of the cost, which directly affects the production cost of ethylene devices and the market competitiveness of petrochemical products. In the face of China’s ethylene manufacturing raw materials, high consumption energy consumption, low ethylene yield low and other problems The ethylene project is one of them. The ethylene yield of this project is 上海长宁高端水磨 increased by about 80% of 31% of the cleavage of naphto oil, with a lower cost, shorter process process, and has obtained higher ethylene yield, which has played a competitiveness of China’s ethylene industry. Demonstration. (Editor: Jiao Long, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.