Langfang City Cultural Industry Development Steps Expressway

"The most difficult thing is the flowers, each copper tire has different changes, independently completed the flowers, polished, paste … It takes about 10 days to stick to it, and the big event will last longer." In the large factory Jingtai Blue Royal Cultural Experience Center, Hebei Jingrui Jingtai Blue Co., Ltd. 晓 工 工 工 工 工 介 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 作 介 工 工 工 介 介 介 介 介 介 介 手 工 介 手 手 手 介 介 介

"The production process of Jingtai Blue Works is so complicated. It requires embryos, silk, welding, dot blue, boil blue, polished, gold-plated, etc., the colored enamel is extracted from minerals …" from Beijing Tourists Zhang Ying told reporters that through this experience, she has a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture.

It is reported that Hebei Jingrui Jingtai Blue Co., Ltd. officially launched China’s first Jingtai Blue Royal Cultural Experience Center project, promoting the history and knowledge of Jingtai Blue, and let the tourist experience skills.

While inheriting Jingtai Blue Technology, Jing Ruijing Thai Blue also drives the local handicraft development, attracting local villagers to join in, solving some rural populations, especially rural women’s employment issues, transform "fingertips" into "fingertips economy", relying on this A special industry has achieved inheritance and is rich in two incorrect.

"Today, the development of the large factory Jingtai Blue industry has not only added some income to local residents and has become a cultural business card.

I hope that the majority of building a national tourism is an opportunity to let more people come to the factory to experience and visit.

"General Manager of the company, the national non-legacy scenery blue production skills inheritors Xu Guowei introduced. The large factory Jingtai Blue Experience Center became a rural tourism network red card, is a minority of the 上海各区工作室资源 development of the cultural industry in the Langfang City. Cultural Soul, Self-confident Dream. Langfang City’s cultural resources are rich in space, and the space is wide.

It has a world cultural heritage such as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Yannan Ancient Great Wall, famous Shengfang Guzhen, Song Lian Ancient Bet Road, etc. Humanistic monuments, there is a wide range of Qijiacang ancient music, large factory Jingtai Blue and other intangible cultures Heritage, has a distinctive embroidery kite, Shengfang Lantern and other civil crafts, the number of national intangible cultural heritage projects ranked forever. In recent years, Langfang City has rely on more than 7,000 cultural enterprises in the city, 16 provincial-level cultural industry bases, 44 municipal cultural industry bases and cultural experience small 上海按摩论坛 towns and 41 A-level scenic spots, vigorously promote the depth of literature, accelerate the text The brigade has led the development, building a Silk Road International Culture and Art Exchange Center, "Only a group of major projects such as the Dream of the Dream of the Dream", also organized a series of special brands such as the annual meeting of the Chinese library, cultural tourism consumption season. Created a large factory, Yinhe Park, Wen’an Zhao Wang Xinhe Wetland Cultural Landscape Belt, the Great Team, China Red Museum, etc. Net red card, especially with the North Yunhe Langfang section to achieve tourism, Langfang City Cultural Tourism Project construction step into fast lane, will build a cultural essence, green ecotrophone, casual tour. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourist card established by Langfang City, covering the humanities and natural tourism projects such as ice and snow sports, hot springs, museum sites, and is welcomed by the majority of tourists.

"Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Best Leisure Tourism Destination" has become a new business card for Langfang tourism.

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