Large foot: R & D app uses big data to improve the efficiency

Liu Ben is working in work. (Reporter) "This app use not only improves our efficiency, but also reduces everyone’s workload." February 23, Liu Ben said the app "Hawk eye vision assistant" ", Very proud. Speaking of this APP research and development, there is still a story. Liu Ben told reporters that information technology is actually not their strength, he is in the process of handling the case.

  Some time, the large-scale city has repeatedly happened to the case, and the large-scale public security bureau established a task force to conduct investigations, and Liu Ben is responsible for video monitoring.

  Soon, the case has major progress, and the surveillance camera captures the suspect driving vehicle. However, there is no vehicle core information in the monitoring video screen, so Liu Benta will adjust the monitoring video of the next intersection according to the driving route of the vehicle, but it is not possible to find that car. In order to find that car, Liu Benhe colleague took the video of less than 20 minutes, repeatedly read more than a dozen hours. At the peak period of time, the area of ??the vehicle is high, and the traffic is large, they will see a frame of frame, until the late, because the night, overtime, the eyes have glare, plus a cold fever, Liu Ben has to live in the hospital. After a old criminal police reminded that Liu Ben was found to find the problem: two video surveillance times have taken 5 minutes, which is 5 minutes, let the car "disappeared."

  Although the final case is still broken, I can be happy with Liu Ben. He thinks, the video is small, you can take a correction time, if you do hundreds of videos, what about thousands of videos? Is it also corrected? Liu Ben, suddenly thought 上海高端工作室外卖 of using the timestamp in the photo, and then shared in real time in Baidu map, built a message cloud platform on the Internet, you can complete the video "Time Correction" work through a photo. He found a colleague in computer professional, talking about his own ideas. Two people were taken, started to develop independently. During the research and development, Liu Ben’s "computer white" is going to work, buy a professional book hardship, study, and discuss improvement with colleagues.

  Through more than half a year, this APP, which is independently developed by the police officer of the Dazu District Public Security Bureau.

  Liu Ben is named "Eagle Objective Detection Assistant" to this app – the software can be used for video acquisition time calibration, time conversion, and 上海洗浴桑拿会所 video point collection, and establish a video library in the background, forming big data, Shorten the case time.

  At present, this app has been widely used in the criminal investigation and saves a lot of time for investigation efforts.

And Liu Ben also continued to grow in the actual work, from the original hair boy, became the captain of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of the General Assembly. Our reporter Zhou Song (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).