Langfang: Digital economy is high quality development new movement

Original title: Langfang: Digital Economic Benefits High Quality Development New News Network Server has more than 900,000 online servers, cloud computing support capacity first in Hebei Province; 35 provincial-level digital workshops, 1860 companies "cloud" recently The large data 贵族宝贝上海论坛 industrial park in Hebei Province, the large data industry park, Huawang Development Zone, China, Huawei, Runze, China Unicom, Jingdong, People’s Insurance and other large data center projects are tightening construction, a busy scene. In Langfang, the digital economy is flourishing with big data industries. At present, the city has gathered a large number of large data centers such as Runze International Information Port, Huawei Langfang Base Cloud Data Center, and a Ring Cloud Network. As of the end of June, the number of online servers in the city data center exceeded 900,000, and cloud computing support capacity ranked first in the province and became the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei data storage highland and Northern Geril Center. "Data is production factor. Langfang should give full play to the basic functional role of existing data centers, seize major opportunities for national development digital economy, build strength center, strengthen data analysis, data applications, improve industrial energy level, and cultivate the intelligence of labor and intelligence, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain and other emerging industries, striving for national-level big data integrated centers and artificial intelligent innovation development test areas.

Yang Xiaohe, the secretary of the Langfang Municipal Party Committee, said that the digital economy is booming, the Langfang City grabs the big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, new display and other new generation information technology industrialization favorable opportunities, strengthen external inner linkages, accelerate technology innovation, Increase project cultivation, promote digital industrialization, industry digitalization, and continuously stimulate the new movement of the city’s industrial development. In 2020, 117 in the Langfang Electronic Information Industry, the main business income reached 100 million yuan. Huawei, Zhizheng and other software technology Service Provisions, Social Space Information (Langfang) Research Institute, Boardian Metropolitan Intelligent Application Research Institute, etc.

In the first half of this year, 43 software and information service companies in the city realize the main business income billions, 22 of whom’s main business income, more than 30%. Cut the digital industrialization in one hand, capture the industry’s digitalization, Langfang City actively promotes the development of new generation information technology and entity economic integration, focusing on traditional manufacturing industry such as food, furniture to carry out digitized transformation.

Up to now, the city has built 65 municipal-level digital workshops, 35 of which were a provincial-level digital workshop, built two provincial intelligent manufacturing benchmark companies, and Xianghe Robot Town became a provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration park.

Paten, open, edge, punch, sorting, packaging, warehousing … Sophia Home (Langfang) Co., Ltd. Digital Workshop, the custom home production line of intelligent transformation is efficient, production process automatic seamless Throughout the connection, greatly improve production efficiency and flexible production capacity. Wu Dongli, the IT Manager Sophia, said that since the implementation of intelligent transformation, the average daily output is 157% higher than the original, and the plate utilization increases by 11%. Promote the traditional industry of digital economic communication, Langfang City vigorously promotes the "cloud" of the company.

Dong Liping, director of the Langfang City Industry and Information Bureau, introduced that many of the cloud service providers, organizational transformations such as Jiesie, UF, Zhizhen, etc., and the digital empowerment and other cloud promotion activities. Up to now, Langfang City "Cloud" enterprises have reached 1860. Promote industry digitalization, Langfang City 浦东桑拿会所全套 vigorously promoted digital transformation and application in the trade service industry, cultural tourism, agriculture and other fields, and strengthened high quality development new movements. The business service industry has cultivated a group of smart logistics, e-commerce, etc. Standardization management. (Correspondent Zhang Haibin, Jia Zhijie reporter Meng Xianfeng) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.