Lanzhou Power Supply: Fully meet the cold wave to ensure reliable power supply

National Network Gansu Electric Power Connected Bridge (Lanzhou Lily) Communist Service Team players to carry out special patrol, temperature measurement on the distribution exterior line of the resident community. According to the forecast, Zheng Bozhong is affected by strong air air, the 5th to 6th, Gansu Province will have the strongest cold wave, the wind, the wind, the rain and snow weather process this year. In addition to Gannan Prefecture, most local temperatures in the province have dropped 10 ° C, and the criteria are reached. According to the national network Lanzhou power supply company, in order to maximize the impact of strong cold weather, it is effective to have a harsh, rain and snow, etc. Protection, failure emergency repair, emergency material security, power customer service, etc. The company is centered on the power supply, guarantees power supply, power grid safety, power supply, preventive grid risk, to improve power supply reliability, improve line health operation level as the main line, relying on grassroots team responsibilities to divide, will protect the cold wave When I go to the post, I will implement the person, use a closed-loop management mode to formulate a detailed policy of supply emergency plan; pay close attention to the weather change, strengthen the management of the duty, organize the strength of the repair, and prepare the spare parts, do a good job in cold and cold measures, scientific distribution personnel, materials, materials, Vehicles ensure that emergency measures in time in the case of emergency measures. The current positive value of the epidemic prevention and control and the supply of electricity, the company has put into electric grid transport and the on-site power saving, repair, service and other personnel more than 1,200 people, more than 100 electric vehicles, emergency generators and 上海工作室外卖服务 generators 64 sets Established 15 supply emergency repair teams, 18 party members of the party members, enrich 10 Lanzhou Lianxin’s Communist Party member service team’s strength, more than 500 electric workers stationed and guaranteed the exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control, the residential area, to ensure Residents can restore power in time after reliable electricity and failure.

At the same time, the company combines power supply services and community management "dual network" integration, power supply company and property company direct-diplomatic service, organized more than 170 to connect to the Radio Manager and the street community, community property staff closely contact, collaborate, Strictly implement the 24-hour duty system; vigorously promote the "online country network" 上海高端自带工作室 equipment service and condensed bridge power service hotline, Taiwan manager contact telephone, timely accept the majority of residential repair, payment, processing, and inquiry and other services.

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