Kunming released the first mayor’s quality award review 上海九亭300全套群 regulation local standard – Kunming Daily

  This newspaper reporter Dong Yibo reported that the "Mayor Quality Award Review Code" local standards of the "Mayor Quality Awards" will be officially released on December 1, 2021.

  This standard is the first mayor’s quality award review standard for the province. The standard issuance will further improve the impartiality and social credibility of the Mayor’s Quality Award review, which provides excellent management performance for all kinds of enterprises (organizations) and individuals in Kunming. Action Guide. "Mayor Quality Award Review Code" local standards are standardized, reviewed, publicized, awards, and materials management, and the professional management, and the responsibility for participation in department and personnel. 上海哪里有服务 , Enhance the effective connection of all aspects of the review work. The standard provides specific, operable action guidelines from the operational level of the review activities, emphasizes the procedural, normative and scientific nature of review, and help the government quality award review organization department to conduct review activities in the way, efficient, standardized ways.

  The Mayor’s Quality Award is the highest quality honorary award established by the Kunming Municipal People’s Government. It is a commendation with the systematic development of quality management activities in the name of the Municipal Government.

The first Mayor’s Quality Award was launched in 2011. Since the beginning of the year, there have been continuously held 21 organizations to receive quality awards, and 13 organizations have received the quality award nomination 爱上海1314品茶微信号 award. In 2020, Kunming City revised the "Municipal Mayor’s Quality Award Management Measures". The Mayor Quality Awards for Kunming City has changed to 5 years, and in the "Organization Award", the Organization Award "of the Original Mayor Quality Award. Personal Awards, pay more attention to the cultivation of the declaration of enterprises (organizations), and guide the company to fulfill social responsibility.

  Next, the Kunming Municipal Market Supervision Administration will continue to carry out publicity and training of local standards for the "Regulations for the Guidance of the Mayor Quality Award" to give full play to the demonstration role of the Mayor Quality Award, and drive the quality level of Kunming.