Keep the big public dislikes in the Zhengxin Ming Road

● Always put the party and the people 上海足浴kb汇总 in the highest position in the heart, to raise the heart to cultivate, the tree is in the heart of Chongde, and the work is truly, and the truth will be left. President Xi pointed out that in the autumn school (the National Institute), the Central Party School (National Administrative College), the Central Party School (National Administration), the Central Party School ("our Communist Party is the big public, the guilt is a big righteousness, seeking big me, more positive , Word’s own weight, always put the party and the people at the highest position in the heart, do a person who is a public, a righteousness, and a lot of people. "Implementing this important indication, we must insist on the correct word, consciously put the heart, Germany has repeatedly wearing a whole process of doing things, in order to realize the strength of the Chinese dream strong military dream. Raise the heart to slim. "The heart, the dominance."

"The Northern Song Song’s historian Sima Guang said:" I won the world’s ruins of the world, and I thought it was the foundation. "Zhengxin, for the leading cadres of party members, it is necessary to keep in mind that the Chinese people will seek happiness, the initial mission of the Chinese nation, and stick to the ideal beliefs, and be brave enough to create new performance in the new era.

With the virtue of the heart, I insist on grown Marxism as a political belief in the heart, I understand "who I am, for who, where to come, I want to go", consciously do communism far more ideals and Chinese characteristics The firm and unintended believer, loyal to the people. With the morality of the heart, we have always put the party loyalty as the primary political standard. To "two maintenance", implement the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission, and consistent with the Party Central Committee and the President of the Party Central Committee and the President of the Party Central Committee in the political action.

With the heart of the heart, I consciously put the firm ideals, standing the people’s position, practicing the hard work, and the strong military Weiyai ??as the value of life, putting hard work as a spiritual color into the job, integrating daily life, integration into growth Practice, always maintaining the mental state of never-offset and an unprecedented struggle, in the heart, and truly grasped the success of the work industry to achieve life.

Tree is tempered by Chongde. Just gas, is the gas profile, just a rigid festival.

The Chinese nation has always advocated "rich and can’t be procoxy, the poor can not move, the mighty", believe in "Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improvement", emphasizes the "political" government, and is also.

"As a new era, the child is unfair. As a new era, we should do our best, Huai Shu’s own weight. Party members lead cadres should shoulder the important mission of strong national strong military, must lead the officers and soldiers with their own Hao Ran The Dragon Breeze of the Military Camp.

Tree to the wind of good import, strengthen the concept of the party is public, "I will not be me", adhere to the small things, strictly strictly, from now on, to affect the officers and soldiers with their own model action, drive the troops. The tree should be a strong wind, always in the strong country’s military, and when he stepped forward, everything stood before, when "the main bone" and "fixed pan star", led the majority of officers and men to fight together, struggle together.

Tree created a new wind, maintaining the courage of innovation, dare to be a sharp, thriving, breaking the inertial thinking, abandoning the old ideas of old ideas, constantly strengthening the crisis awareness, urge trouble, dare to face all problems and difficulties , Continuously tempering the capabilities and quality of opening the wind, the ability and quality of the machine, and add vitality to reform, use innovation to help development.

Doing things with a work.

Whether it is, it is a matter of fact, just care, and correct things. For the leading cadres of the military party members, based on the position, do a good job, lift the battle to fight, and the responsibility of the fighting, is the biggest business. Dry focus center, improve the skills, always focus on the main business, strive to learn military, school command, learning technology, constantly master new knowledge, familiarize with new fields, open up new vision, focus on improving the soldiers, fighting, training The ability to fight, make sure the critical moment is drawn, you have to go and win.

Dry things in your own time, crack the problem, always adhere to the problem-oriented, not dirty, do not figure out the name, stare for difficulties, twist the key points, and strive to crack a series of critical problems generated by the restrictions.

Dry service officers and soldiers, promote development, adhere to the grassroots first, soldiers first, in-depth "I have to do practical things", I want to find a law, and I have to pay attention to the urgent problem of the officers and men to solve the problem, and do practical things. Warm wear, promote development.

The trip is exactly. The avenue is simple, and the forward road is far away.

Party members lead their cadres, it is to always follow the party, follow the truth, do not want to trick, do not take the evil road, so that the more far, the more it is, the more it is, the more it is more and more. It is necessary to pay the right way of patriotic dedication, cultivate "the world’s worries and worries, the world is happy and happy", consciously desalinate "official", eliminate "official", "small home" is "everyone" , Vigorously practice the fundamental purpose of all the best for the people. It is necessary 上海品茶网站 to dedicate the trunk, with stone stones, grasp the spirit of the iron, and put the superior decision-making and instruction requirements, one piece is implemented to every link, each detail, not engaged in the speculation, do not engage in face engineering, Strongly, and strive to develop work.

It is necessary to comply with the rules of the rules, always put the discipline rules in front, always stick to the bottom line of public and private definition, keep the mind, strengthen discipline, abide by the law system, clear the white and white, do clean and clean, truly " For the public, a righteousness, and not dyeing, "is implemented. (Author’s unit: a certain part of the strategic support force).