Jinjiang City Multi-Measures Improved Logistics and Transportation

In recent years, Jinjiang City has vigorously develops modern logistics and actively improves the way of transportation. At present, there are 186 enterprises to handle road transport operation licenses in Jinjiang, with 7,850 vehicles.

From 上海低端品茶 January to October 2021, the total turnover of the road is 10,000 tons, an increase of%; the total turnover of the water transport transport is 10,000 tons, an increase%. In terms of rural transportation, Jinjiang City is close to the city of "one town", strengthening an effective connection between intercity distribution, urban distribution, and rural distribution. Accelerate the implementation of "express delivery" project, encourage postal express enterprises to build rural e-commerce warehousing and distribution centers, establish more than 200 end distribution points and postpartum points, relying on rural commercial outlets to set up logistics nodes, realize 100% of production village logistics nodes 100% coverage Establish an e-commerce logistics distribution system in urban and rural areas, solving the 上海浦东新区曹路妹子 "last kilometer" problem of rural e-commerce logistics distribution. In terms of hanging transportation, there are currently three transportation departments such as land port, Hongda, and Britishhao in Jinjiang. Through the transportation of transport, airport, Luang short-distance connection, reduce the return, roundabout transport, the transportation efficiency of the vehicle is significantly improved, the fuel consumption of hundreds of tons is significantly decreased, greatly reduced the loading and unloading waiting time, improves the vehicle turnover time, lowered operation Cost, increasing transportation profits. In terms of online freight, Jinjiang City issued 20,000 network freight platform promotion publicity materials to the majority of drivers, logistics companies, and circulation enterprises to promote the development of network freight.

Since 2020, the establishment of the city’s online freight work is held, and the six online freight enterprises such as Yunxing, Jiaxun, Flying, Shanno, and Jiexin, and Jiebang have accounted for Quanzhou network freight enterprises. 50% of the total, integrated with more than 100,000 vehicles, and the monthly order is over 10,000 orders. In order to further attract the development of online freight companies and cultivate large tertiary industry. In May 2021, the Jinjiang Municipal Government introduced "Some measures to promote the promotion of service industry in Jinjiang City", " Refer to its value-added tax, corporate income tax, and stamp taxation amount of 100% of the amount of 100% of the local constitutive part of this level.

The measures further give corporate funding and encourage companies to do strong. From January to October 2021, 5 online freight enterprises in Jinjiang City reached 10,000 yuan. In terms of innovation development, Jinjiang Land Harbor actively explores the new multimodal transportation mode, innovating and developing virtual airport transportation models – aviation city stations, improves logistics operation efficiency, and meets different customer needs. Prevent customs, inspection and quarantine, airport processing, etc., to urban stations, reduce port operation time, increase delivery time, reduce logistics costs are expected to reach RMB 1 yuan / kg, enhance corporate competitiveness; attract airlines and international Freight forwarding enterprises, integrated logistics enterprises and other supporting enterprises, forming 上海私人外卖工作室qq群 foreign trade service industry aggregation areas. Next, Jinjiang City will continue to promote the development of modern logistics, optimize the improvement of service performance, promote network freight, pending transportation and other multi-business development, promote the city’s logistics preferential policies, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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