Join DEPA or promote Chinese government mining digital transformation

Joining DEPA or promoting China’s Digital Transition Source: [] Wang Zhigang, a research firm for China’s Finance Research Institute, China Finance Research Institute, believes that digital economy represents the future economic development trend, digital trade in globalization It is increasingly prominent, DEPA reflects the strong will of developing digital economy in some countries. China is used as a global digital economic big country, and DEPA will help participate in global digital management, contribute to China’s wisdom for the global digital economic rules, which is conducive to building new development patterns and sharing. Digital economic dividend.

He suggested that my country has been fully prepared for technology, talents, databases in addition to institutional construction in government procurement digital strategic deployment. Digital Digitalization of government procurement should depth data governance and government procurement, so that digitization has become an accelerator for the government procurement. DEANG Qiquan, Dean, China WTO Research Institute, said that from DEPA’s participation in the way, Parties may choose directly to DEPA, thus expanding the agreement with new members, or selecting some or all of the modules in the agreement. Participation, Even the DEPA Agreement Terms can also be included directly into other trade agreements. This provides more convenience to our country’s regional and global digital economic rules.

Looking around the world, the digital economy is in terms of rules, all countries are still in the groping period, without a forming solution, and many of the content still have a space.

If you join DEPA, our country can collaborate with other countries to form a global digital economic and trade rules.

At the same time, Joining DEPA will also promote the digital transformation of my country’s government procurement, and use digital technology to improve the transparency of government procurement.

"Government procurement digital transformation requires public and sharing of government procurement information, but blindly publicly public sharing will trigger information security issues.


"Professor, School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University, Director of the Government Research Institute, legal adviser of the Ministry of Finance, said DEPA is one of the most comprehensive and complete regional economic agreements, joining DEPA, long-standing to help promote my country’s digital economy flourishing Development, but the top design of my country’s government procurement data open, data sovereignty, etc. is urgent.

He suggested that there is more institutions in government procurement repair to effectively regulate digital procurement activities.

DEPA is a multilateral trade agreement signed by Singapore, Chile, New Zealand on June 12, 2020, mainly including convenience clauses rather than restraint rules, aimed at providing a government cooperation framework for digital economy. DEPA includes business and trade facilitation, digital products and related issues, data issues, extensive trust environments, business and consumer trust, digital identity, emerging trend and technology, innovation and digital economy, SME cooperation, digital inclusion, The joint committee and liaison point, transparency, dispute resolution, etc. 16 modules. Among them, the eighth modules involve government 上海按摩spa论坛procurement content, namely, the impact of the Parties should recognize the impact of the digital economy to government procurement and the importance of public, fair, and transparent government procurement market.

On this basis, between Parties understand how to further expand the international commitment of government procurement goods and services through digitization.