What will Qin Liang give her??
Diamond ring?Diamond necklace?Or other precious jewelry?Is he making a formal proposal to me??Because before they were just fake marriages,Qin Liang didn’t give her anything。If you send it now,Is it a token of love??
In Shen Ruoxi’s expectant eyes,Qin Liang solemnly took out a very ordinary necklace from his pocket!One hanging on it is very common,But something strange。
That is a bullet!The bullet has a red dragon logo on it!This is a necklace made from a bullet,It’s the gift Qin Liang wants to give Shen Ruoxi!
Shen Ruoxi opened her eyes wide,She didn’t understand why Qin Liang would give her a necklace made of bullets。She didn’t know if this necklace in Qin Liang’s hand would be put in the world,It is definitely to cause the madness of those big bosses from all walks of life in the world!No matter how much it costs,Also thinking about what to get。
It’s not that the necklace and bullet are so precious,The most valuable thing here is the red dragon logo!With a logo,Means a protective umbrella!And it’s still a very powerful umbrella!Can be worth a life!
This logo is the logo of a legendary elite institution,Invincible organization!The word invincible stands for absolute power!In addition to being powerful,Still strong。No elite organization in the world does not recognize this symbol,This requires this sign to appear,It means invincible。The evil terrorist organizations in the world,See this blood red dragon logo,Have to retreat,For fear that Invincible will come。
And this blood-red dragon symbol allows the most powerful person of the Invincible Organization to make a single shot,Can imagine,The strongest person in a strongest elite organization,How strong is that?I guess there is nothing he can’t solve in this world, right?。So getting this bullet with the blood red dragon logo is equivalent to getting the protection of the strongest person,It’s just like one more life。
Think about the bigwigs of the world,Which one is not the body of ten thousand gold,At the same time I am afraid of death,If there is something that can cost them one life,No matter how much money,What a flower!
These things,Of course Shen Ruoxi doesn’t know,She still doesn’t know what it means for Qin Liang to give her this necklace,Can Qin Liang give this necklace,It proves that Shen Ruoxi is already one of the most important people in his heart,He wants to protect her,Not hurt by anyone,Live happily。
Qin Liang gently helped Shen Ruoxi put on this necklace,And looked at her affectionately,Said:“Wakayu,This is the gift I want to give you,As long as you wear it,No one would dare to bully you。”
Seeing Qin Liang take out such a peculiar bullet necklace,It can even be said to be ugly,Let Shen Ruoxi feel a little disappointed,As a woman,I must first be more interested in that shiny jewelry,But since Qin Liang personally gave it,Of course Shen Ruoxi will take good care of it。