Ding Yi didn’t stop him this time,But she didn’t move。
“Oh,Xiaofan,You came back from a business trip?”
Mom said:“Don’t come back if you are busy,Your father and I are fine,How about Xiaoding?”
Mom doesn’t understand what he means,Just said:“What do you congratulate me?I’m an old woman。”
“What……what?Did you mean Xiaoding……”
“what?Gosh,is that true?”
“Gosh,Great、Great!Lao Jiang,Lao Jiang,Come here soon,Xiaoding is happy,Xiaoding is happy!”
Mother seized the phone,Said:“Xiaofan,You are busy at work,I don’t care about Xiaoding,Or take her home,We can still take care of her。”
“Oh——Correct,correct,Look at me,Old confused。So be it,We’ll stay with you for a while,Take care of her for you,She needs to be taken care of early。”
Jiang Fan hung up mother’s call,Looking at Ding Yi,said laughingly:“Why not tell them,This stabbed a hornet’s nest,To take care of you in Langzhu。”
Jiang Fan said:“Why don’t you call?”
“Also good、Also good,This news is so sensational,Maybe I can’t wait to report the good news for you。”
“it is good、it is good,Not allowed。”
Ding Yi quickly said:“not against,not against,I drink millet porridge almost three times now。”