Night,Has enveloped the earth,The night sky of Jinan City,Has been lit by Wanjia lights,On the east sky,There has long been a crescent moon hanging high in the sky,Tonight,It must be a clear night。
Jiang Fan sitting in the car,Some can’t hold back their joy,He repeatedly analyzed every word of Zhai Bingde in his heart,Every time I look at the content of his eyes,I always feel that he is sending a message to himself,A message of hope。Zhong Mingyi must be unable to return,tomorrow,He will preside over the overall work of Kangzhou as the mayor,Since the municipal party committee didn’t send a new secretary right away,Then that means,The municipal party committee is also watching,Or the municipal party committee will take advantage of this opportunity,Come to investigate him,Examine his ability to govern and control the political situation,Must seize this opportunity,Strive for the top。
Thought of here,He is a little excited,Take out the phone,Want to beat Ding,But look at the little Xu in front,He restrained himself,Remembering Zhai Bingde’s words about rectifying the life style of cadres,Curb desire,Pay attention,Don’t get overwhelmed,Even in front of my most trusted boy,Also be vigilant,People,I don’t know where to fall?Fortunately, these people around him are still trustworthy,Just relax a little bit,Since the phone is taken out,He called Peng Changyi,After connecting,Peng Changyi’s urgent voice came immediately:
“mayor,how about it?are you back?”
“Ha ha,On the way back,I haven’t eaten yet?”Jiang Fan smiled easily,He is in such a tone,Such a sentence is sending a message to Peng Changyi。
really,Peng Changyi let out a sigh of relief,Said:“Oh,I’ll wait for you at Jindun。”
“Ok,Did Secretary Wang go back to cook for his wife??”
“Ha ha,I really don’t know this,I’m investigating,If they make something delicious,Let’s go to his house。”
“Ha ha,I think it’s OK。”
Peng Changyi could hear ease and joy from Jiang Fan’s speech,A stone in his heart fell to the ground。When he closed the phone,Wang Jiadong next to him is watching him。Peng Changyi said:“Do you always go home to cook or arrange at Golden Shield?”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“It seems he is more proud now,Then go home and eat。”Talking,I stood up with my hands on the sofa,Said:“Go back to eat dumplings,Only eating dumplings is the fastest。”
“Where can I go to Xiaoyuan for minced meat??”
“No need to,Ready at home,Just twisted,The meat in their restaurant has MSG,I do not like。”
“What stuffing?”
“Chinese cabbage、Chives,Both have,There are also beans。”